Thursday, December 21, 2006


Do you need to convert your design to HTML asap? No sweat. In about 8 hours you can have it done, professionally and with CSS. And very affordable!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You 2.0

It is really all about you, what you can do, that makes Web 2.0 possible. You are so significant that Time magazine named you the person of the year. And you have so much more potential.

Time's Person of the Year: You
You change the World 2.0

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not receiving gifts this Christmas?

Not receiving gifts this Christmas? Don't feel bad. Now you can watch other people open their gifts so at least you can say you did (virtually) open a brand new PS3.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pay-per-click: Old School Advertising

There is a new way of paying for ads and is gaining popularity. It's called pay-per-action, pay-per-performance, or pay-per-sell. The concept is trivial. An advertiser pays for an ad whenever a user buys the item advertised, not when a user clicks on the ad.

For a consumer, this means more relevant search results and less-expensive items shown first, because the ads can make money for the advertising agency only when the consumer buys the items.

Some ad agency websites using this concept to sell ad space:, and

Read the NYT review:
As Ad Costs Rise, a Move to Challenge Pay-Per-Click

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fix Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE!

One of the best articles I've read describing what a doctype is. You will need to use one to render your code in the latest browser support.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Videos 2 Customize Your Windows

Your online video tutorials blog. VirtualTweak is all about Windows tips,tricks & how to do guide.

"How To" Videos

This new service aims to gather all the how-to videos so anyone can learn anything they wish simply by watching a free video.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What is Web 3.0?

The New York Times has an interesting article describing it as the semantic web, where all the connected data has meaning. It will gather all the user reviews, rankings, blogs, etc to answer such questions as: "I'm looking for a warm place to vacation and I have a budget of $3,000. Oh, and I have 4 young kids."

Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense

Monday, November 13, 2006

Transumers: I Want Change

Transumers are consumers who always want something new and get tired of seeing the same thing all the time. They want to change the look of something. Take for example rental gardens, which will change out your garden accessories, like plants and planters, every few months. Watch out for this growing trend to be extended to other areas.

Rental Gardens
Transumers Review

Help 4 Developers: Amazon

Amazon wants to use their experience running efficient, gigantic e-commerce infrastructures and extending these services to developers. Sounds to me like all e-commerce developers could benefit from this and save money.


Getting Things Done

A must read for learning how to get done all those things bottled up in your mind.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Digitize Your Video Tapes 4 Cheap

If u have video tapes that need to be digitized, don't waste your own time trying to do it the slow way. Just pay these people to do it for u for $5 per tape. Send your video tapes to stashSpace for processing and loading into your stash. That means u can store and share your videos online and order DVDs, etc.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Like Talking to Strangers?

It's common to start a conversation with a stranger at a bus stop, or while waiting in line at an amusement park. Now you can strike up a conversation with anyone on the same website you are browsing. It could be any website, so long as you both are currently there. That means you already share something in common: the fact you are visiting the website at the same time. So you must share some kind of similar interests. I bet it would be easy to strike up a conversation under the circumstances. You may be able to mutually help each other in some manner.

Best Shopping Help Ever

Here's the scene. I am at a mall and I see some shoes I like but the price is too high. I pull out my camera phone and upload a picture of the shoes to, along with my current GPS location or zip code. In response I get a localized list of merchants who carry similar shoes, even their current prices. Some are even at the same mall I'm at. Now I know exactly where to shop at next.

I personally have a real need for this because this often happens to me while shopping. I hate wasting my time trying to find a similar product in another store. This new service presently only works online, not over a phone. But just wait a moment; it's coming.

What's Happening on eBay?

Can't keep up with what's popular on eBay? Clueless about eBay? This service keeps track of the most popular items in different categories over the last two weeks. That way you can buy what's hot and remain clued in. Want to sell something on eBay but don't know what? Use eBay Pop to help you track trends and target the right products to sell.

BTW, if you are into AJAX, they have a cool interface.

eBay Pop

Monday, November 06, 2006

Online File Conversions Services

No need to download and install any software. Just browse to your file, choose which format you want to convert to, submit your email address and wait. You'll get  a link to your new file.
Review at Techcrunch

Widgets, Web Services, APIs

There are more companies offering to help you build your own web APIs, widgets, or web services. Now you don't have to hire a programmer. Just let these companies do all the coding for you.
Check out all the links on this article:
TechCrunch: Mashery

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Alternative Content Viewers/Deliverers

Here is a small list of browser-alternative methods of delivering or viewing content.

The New York Times has a new newspaper reader that is a windows app which displays the original format of the paper version and works offline.

Flash Paper is also a great tool to display your content. Check out the online catalogs available at:

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ultimate Illusions and Paradoxes

This site contains many hard to believe illusions.

Add-Ons for Firefox 2

Now that you've installed the new Firefox 2, it's time to make it really shine with these cool plugins.
Firefox Add-ons

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Interesting Concept

This new dating service has an interesting concept that can be applied to other types of services or products. It allows you to view photos of other individuals so you can categorize them as yes, no, or maybe, as possible dates for yourself. You fill up your little black book with those photos you've chosen as "yes, or maybe". Those you've selected as yes then see a photo of you and if they are interested then you both can contact each other.

I just like the concept of giving each user a little black book with photos and corresponding personal info.

Check it out at:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Help For Scrabble

Do u like the game of Scrabble? Then here is some help. Just type in the letters u have on hand and it will respond with a list of possible words formed by those letters. While playing, take a break and secretly go to your computer to this site:

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Seth Godin's Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List

Watch out for these new companies and concepts. It a good idea to know what these people are planning to do. Perhaps u can do something better.

The List

Need to send a large file?

Send a file upto 100MB to anyone who has an email address.

My Favorite Tech Books

I just ran into these the other day and I still do not own one of these. I've just seen a sample chapter and there are no other tech books like these anywhere. I hope this new methodology of presenting information continues into a broader coverage of high technology. Help them out by buying your own books at Amazon or

Head First Books
Sample Chapter
Another Sample Chapter

An Amazing Programming Company

I couldn't just simply tell you who this company is, because you might dismiss the headline without ever reading the story. As a computer programmer myself, I can appreciate the follow highlights about what this article states:

  • Developers can switch teams and/or projects any time they want, no questions asked; just say the word and the movers will show up the next day to put you in your new office with your new team.
  • There aren't very many meetings. I'd say an average developer attends perhaps 3 meetings a week.
  • This company has a philosophy of not ever telling developers what to work on, and they take it pretty seriously.
  • This company tends not to pre-announce. They really do understand that you can't rush good cooking, you can't rush babies out, and you can't rush software development.
Amazing Company.
Slashdot Review.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Get Your Video on the SuperBowl

Frito-Lay and Chevrolet, looking to capitalize on the buzz created by user-generated content, are holding ad-making contests, with winners getting money and prizes and their spots used as part of Super Bowl XLI campaigns. If u like Frito-Lay or Chevrolet and know how to do videos, now is your chance to make it big.

NYT Review

Monday, September 25, 2006

Search O'Reilly's Code Samples

Publisher O'Reilly has a new search engine that will search thru its thousands of code samples in any programming language. Very nice if u r a programmer.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Your Online TV Recommender

Search or browse what's on ur local cable/satellite TV by a variety of criteria. Then it makes an online daily, weekly, monthly schedule of shows for u to watch.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Test on Any Browser & Any OS

Test your website and code on any browser running in any operating system without having to buy all the hardware and software. Pick a combo of browser & OS and this service shows u a screen capture of your site running in that combo. For an additional fee u can have remote access to any of their machines so u can navigate and test any scripts running in any browser/OS combo, even on the Mac.
Here is another one a buddy of mine suggested:

Friday, September 15, 2006

Hurry, Get Your Podcast In

Attention all podasters. A new company is setting up podcast channels and looking for your podcasts to include them into their continuously playing channels. Of course, only the very best will be included, but yours is worth a shot. The channels are themselves a podcast made up of individual podcasts.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Autonomous Crank Calling

My college buddies would get drunk on the weekends and do some wild things. They would call their professors late at night to cuss them out. One time one of them was identified by a professor and suspended. Now you can do all this anonymously. Just enter a phone number, enter a text message, and select a voice. The system will dial the number and use the selected voice to read the message to the answering party. Of course, this was never meant to be used for crank calling, I think.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some Widget Giants

Widgets are coming to a blog or desktop near you by the masses. These are some of the giants guilty of spreading them:
Yahoo Widgets
Apple Widgets
TypePad Widgets

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Search By Doodling

We all search by text or spoken words. Now there's another way to search. Just draw what u r looking for.
Doodle now

Use a Wristwatch as a Compass

Hold a watch with 12 o'clock at left.
Move your arm so the hour hand points at the sun.
The spot halfway between the hour hand and the 12 is south.

This article appears in Wired Magazine 08/2006.

How to Terminate Cell Phone Contract

Easy. Just find someone who would like to take over your contract. Ok. How do u find somone? Easy. Go to this site which pairs up people "Getting Out" with people seeking to "Get In" to a contract.

See & Know Where I've Been

Sony has a new $150 device that keeps track of your GPS coords and date/time stamp. It comes with software to correlate the data with date/time stamped pictures taken by any digital camera. Of course, with a Google map mashup u can now easily add your photos to the exact location on the map at which they were taken.
Sony GPS-CS1
NYT Review

Nice outside screen on new laptop

This new device is smaller than a typical laptop, and yet it runs on full Windows XP. The nicest feature is that it has a small screen on the outside which is always on and is used to display and read your email, view and play your music lists, etc. You don't even need to boot up the device to use this always-on feature. I can see how other laptops will be adding a similar feature soon.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wear Your Top 5 Lists

This company will create your personalized t-shirts that list your top 5 things about anything. I guess I would like one about my top 5 blog items I've had this month.

Friday, September 01, 2006

One Joke A Day:

These people go around town and video record people telling a joke. You can subscribe to the service for $6/month and get one joke a day delivered to your phone as a small video clip. That's another one-a-day idea. What's yours?

One-a-day: Paintings, etc

People are starting to sell their one-a-day creative ideas online. These people make a new painting once a day and sell it online. What can u do once a day that is worth selling? See post "One Joke A Day:

NYT Review

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Borrow/Lend Things With Friends

If u need to borrow something, just look here. If u have something to lend, just post it here. You'll never have to buy again, especially that "thing" u only have to use once.

Looking for a Volunteer Project?

If u want to volunteer to help build a website, translate documents, tutor, etc. this organization will match u with the right opportunity. Non-profit organizations around the world r looking for help and u can find a project u may be able to help with.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Buy Direct From China Suppliers

It as easy as ordering online. Of course, to really save u need to buy in bulk. Find your Chinese product supplier here, no matter what type of product you seek.

Lumalive: A Futuristic Fabric

The future of fabrics is now upon us. This new fabric contains embedded light-emitting diodes and yet remains soft, flexible, washable, etc. You can now view simple graphics right on your clothes. Of course, in the future everyone will be walking around with commercials showing on their backs to earn a few extra bucks from advertisers.

Friday, August 25, 2006

zeeDive: Reverse Auctions

What? Reverse auctions? The concept: instead of stating how much you would be willing to pay for an item, you state how little you would want to pay. When the price drops to the amount you state, the item becomes yours. The fun happens when there are multiple bidders on the same item and you do not know what their lowest bid is. You really want to buy the item, but you don't know how low you should go. Sounds like fun to me. Good luck.

Common Folk Producing Free AudioBooks

Anybody can now lend their reading skills to produce audio versions of public domain books. And anyone can download the free audiobooks.

Open Up Your Website to Any Programmer

This new tool automatically creates a Web API for your website which can be accessed by any programmer. For example, u have an online catalog of all your products. This tool can make your catalog available to any affiliate so they can show your catalog on their website without a consumer ever knowing the original source of the products. Of course, the affiliates r still selling your products, so u still get credit.

On the flipside, if u r a programmer, u can now make a web api for any website. For example, u found this really neat site that has ongoing updates of the latest events in your area and u want to show this same info on your site. The tool will generate an RSS feed, etc of that other website so u can use on yours.

Dapper: The Data Mapper

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nifty Porn Filter

Feel safe at home while your children surf the net with this nifty tool that scans images and detects and filters out porn images.


We take classic toys and gadgets and re-engineer them into super-performance devices. Hi-tech toys if you like. Conversation pieces if you prefer. They are fascinating to play with and a challenge to analyze how they work.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Your TV With Your Commercials

Some big company is going to replace all those worthless TV commercials which u r not interested in, with commercials that u want to see based on your personal preference settings. Since TV is going all digital, it would be easy to dynamically insert any commercials based on your preferences. Guess who is going to do this?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes television viewers should not have to stand for tv commercials that are "a waste of your time." Schmidt is frustrated that "When you watch the television you see ads that are clearly not targeted for you." What does he plan to do about it?

Google CEO wants $74 billion TV ad market

Spam Phone Calls Coming

We've all heard of spam email. Now get ready for spam phone calls. This new service allows u to record a message and send it to any number of phone numbers. Can't u already think how a spammer could use this? Here is the service's self description:

Pheeder is the new way to talk on your cellphone: you use it to communicate with groups of people simultaneously, with a single phone call. Just call Pheeder, leave a message, hang up, and seconds later all of your friends receive the message at the very same instant on their phones. Then, if they want, they can reply to your message, or forward your message on to their friends.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New "Spaces" for Mac OS

Here comes an existing concept reworked by Apple to make it more appealing and user friendly. Later it will make its way into Windows, Linux, etc. "Spaces" is just like a different room. Each room has different windows. So now the Mac desktop can have 4 different rooms all with different windows open. It's like having a room for playing games, one for working, one for shopping, and another for relaxing.

Take a tour of Spaces

Add a Google Map to any web page in 30 seconds

Use Wikimapia to quickly add a Google map to a website, even without a Google key license.

Window Shopping On Your Desktop

I know I just posted something about but I thought I should give this story a different perspective.

Imagine yourself window shopping at the mall. You are interested in shoes so you window shop all the shoe places. Some shoes catch your attention so you go into the store to look at the shoes a little bit closer. On another occassion you are interested in getting a new cellphone. You window shop again in much the same way.

Now instead of going to the mall, you want to do the same window shopping all from the convenience of your desktop. That's what is going to be all about (not just yet). Just pick an item type, say handbags, then pick from a handful of matching online stores, say JCPenney, Old Navy, etc. Now just sit back or keep working and watch a small window on your desktop automatically present a slideshow of possible items you might like.

NYT review

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Power 4 Online Shoppers

Two new tools will give online shoppers more information with which to make decisions.

1. is Kelly's Blue Book for everything. It uses data from Overstock, eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc. to show the average prices paid for an item for the past 30 days in a nice looking graph. Now you won't be easily cheated when you know the average price other folks have paid for a particular item.

2. gives users another way to browse items in which they are interested. A user can see a slideshow on their desktop of products they are interested in buying. When the right one appears, just click and the browser pops up so you can buy it. You choose the types of products from which sites you would like to browse.

NYT review

Monday, August 14, 2006

What is Flash Paper?

One of my friends recently asked me this question and if Flash Paper is better than PDFs. Well you be the judge. Take a look at these catalogs. You can zoom, browse by thumbnails, fast forward, rewind, add notes, add bookmarks, etc.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Put All Your Library Online

Just scan the barcode on all your books, CDs, DVDs, etc and instantly the info is downloaded from Amazon and added to your personal library. You can even track to whom you have lent an item and when it is due back. It uses the video cam on your Mac to do the barcode scanning.
Delicious Library

Resell Awesome Email Marketing

These people have enabled anyone to resell email marketing services, even privately branded. That just goes to show that any service can be configured for reselling. What service would you like to resell?

Do U Have a Mimobot Yet?

Portable flash drives selling for $500 just because they are made as cute toy characters.
Start your Mimobots collection.

Online "Can I Help You?"

More online stores will be using live chat sales reps to help upgrade/close the sales. If a customer has any questions there will be a live person available. This company is providing this service to any online store. In the near future you may get a pop-up chat window saying "Do you want fries with that?"
NYT Review
NYT Quote:
"Making this process social is important, because the acquisition of goods has never been just about the acquisition of goods. There's always been a social element to it."

Monday, August 07, 2006

Say Thanks to Our Troops

If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq.  You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services.
Sent to me by my friend and fellow high school classmate, John Garcia.

Friday, August 04, 2006

How To Create Great Logos

Interesting, easy to follow article talking about a technique for creating an awesome looking logo.
Create Your Logo

Awesome Local Video Producers

Need a commercial, documentary, video shoot? These guys are purely incredible. Based in San Antonio, Texas.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Java Going Down, Ruby Going Up

The fact of the matter is that no one had ever seen any programming language and framework such as Ruby on Rails. Now that people are starting to learn it, they are simply amazed at what u can do with it. I wish I had the time to learn this thing inside out. Take a look at this study about the trends of several computer languages.
Computer Languages

Yahoo's YUI Library

Very cool programming features every web programmer should know.
YUI Library

Open Source Film-making

Want to help make a new movie? Now u can contribute scenes/scripts to an open source movie. Suppossedly in the future movies will be made according to what consumers want, not what Hollywood thinks u should be watching.
A Swarm Of Angels

Awesome Code For Handling Webservices

If u r coding webservices or consuming them, u must check this out. This is the future for all programming languages.
REST on Rails

Future of Human Modeling

Forget wearing a special suit or sensors. This new technology can model a human being almost perfectly, even the wrinkles and facial expressions. It uses glow-in-the-dark makeup. Toy Story, here comes Human Story.

Robot Suits Are Hot

Star Wars is no longer science fiction as engineers and the military are creating everything from the silver screen into reality.
See The Landwalker
Read The Review

Fancy Tooltip Using jQuery

This tooltip is cool, cross-browser, small code, can have an image and html inside the tip, etc.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sorry LightBox, ThickBox Is Better

Smoother code, less code, easier to use and implement, etc. It uses jQuery.
ThickBox Original
Thickbox 2.0

Monday, July 31, 2006

Spell A Word With Nature

Type any word and look how nature uses natural objects to display the same word.

Nature Letters

Can Microsoft Do Cool Things?

Check this out and you'll see Microsoft is very much in the cool tech race. This app links all related images into a 3D model. Simply awesome. You'll have to see it for yourself.
Microsoft Photosynth

Friday, July 28, 2006

jQuery: A New Wave Javascript

jQuery is a new type of Javascript library. It is not a huge, bloated, framework promising the best in AJAX - nor is just a set of needlessly complex enhancements - jQuery is designed to change the way that you write Javascript.

Review at:

Here is a great source to learn about it:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Drive Exotic Cars Club

In the UK for a yearly membership fee, you can now drive one of several exotic cars. You buy points and you spend those points on the car of your choice to drive for as many days as you want and can afford. I want to drive a Ferrari next week, so watch out for me.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Firefox's Hidden Configs

See how easy it is to see and set configurations for Firefox.
Configure Firefox

Monday, July 17, 2006

Litebox: Fancy Image Overlays

Nice ajax image overlay code for u to use on your own site. It's like popping a seamless window on top of your webpage that is used for displaying images.
Sent by FallOut

Friday, July 14, 2006

Find Your Twin Celebrity

Use this fun app to find a celebrity who looks like you. Just upload your photo and see the matching celebs.

Find the celebrity in you

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Generator Backpacks

Generate your own solar power with these backpacks so u can charge up your laptop, mp3 player, etc.

Forever Flashlights

These don't need batteries. Just shake them (like a spraypaint can) for a few seconds and they'll light up for a few minutes.

More Efficient House Cooling

Stop using so much electricity to run your AC. Water coolers are back and better than ever.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Get Temporary Digits

Don't give out your real digits. Use this service to get a temporary set of digits that last a week and redirects to your real phone.

Books I want to read

Not sure if u agree with me but here are some books I recently found on Amazon that I would like to read.

My Reading List

I also recommend Seth Godin's books at:

What is Your Boss's Car Worth?

Just use your phone to text the car's license plate or VIN to these services and they return the car's value.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tag Your Deals helps u immediately tag any online products, with their prices, descriptions, etc. It's a browser plugin that is always available via the toolbar so u can use it while browsing any online stores. It adds your tagged products to your free account.

Karaoke To The World

So u think u can sing? Why not let the whole world hear u. Now u can listen to people from all over the world sing to their favorite tunes.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Future Email Reader Ideas

What features will the email reader of the future contain? Here are some thoughts about this.
Future Mail Client

Don't Just Give Away Your Videos

Get paid $ for all those videos u r posting on, etc. The concept is really easy. U profit from ads appearing alongside your videos. If u get enough hits on your video page then u profit more from the ad revenue.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Want to get the word out?

Checkout these cool ideas and links to try. Your best bet is Tryvertising. One link you'll see there is

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Take Your Designs To The Web

Ready to post your designs on the web? Try out these folks who will take an image of your design and write all the modern html and css for about $150. Their produced code uses lots of css-positioning instead of tables so it loads fast. However, don't use this kind of coding for html emails, but rather tables.

Monday, July 03, 2006

P2P Video Streaming

Having a hard time sharing video files with friends? Just send them an email with a link to your video (up to 1Gig).
You can also broadcast video rom your computer:

Friday, June 30, 2006

Auto Expand Permanent Posts

If u have followed my javascript code for implementing an expand all, contract all feature on your blog then u may want to add this small piece of javascript that will auto-expand a post whenever a visitor clicks the permanent link on one of your posts.
Just add this code somewhere near the bottom of your blog template:

<script type="text/Javascript">
var pageURL = location.href;
if ( (pageURL.indexOf(".html")!=-1) && ( pageURL.indexOf("archive")==-1) ) {

List Of Online Social Networks

Here is a handy wiki list of social networks such as MySpace. Since it is wiki it is constantly being updated.
Wikipedia List of Social Networks

Prevent Social Network Lockin

Do u have an account at some social network and you have taken much time setting up your list of friends, their email address, phones, pictures, etc? For example, you have links and pictures of a bunch of friends at MSN Spaces. Now you would like to port all this data (and time/effort u put in) over to another social network like Friendster. How do u do this? There is a new company that will help u do this. Now u r no longer locked into one social network. If u don't like one, just move to another.
Read TechCrunch review

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Get Your Google Notebook

If you use Firefox, get this extension by Google for a notebook in which you can keep website clips, search results, etc. It puts a small icon on the bottom bar of Firefox that u click to view the notebook. To add content u can select/highlight and right click and choose "Note this..." U can also click on "notebook" links next to google search results.

Google Notebook

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Next Big Brand: You

The world's biggest brand of the future will be "You." Every consumer good is going to be designed, produced, ranked, etc. by anyone interested in helping out and making some $ for their talent, and that includes you. Who benefits? Everyone who participates, even the buyers because the quality of products will improve.

Monday, June 26, 2006

SuperDome Redesigned as SuperDrain

Engineers unveil the latest redesign for the New Orleans SuperDome. In case of another natural disaster, the city would be better served by an underground drainage system.

The Gizmo Show on CBS Radio

San Antonio, Texas, June 21, 2006 - The Gizmo Show, hosted by Richard Rodriguez, Sandy Levy, and Josh Schechter has arrived at KTSA and is
enjoying a warm welcome from the invention and entrepreneur
community. The Gizmo Show is the production of Gizmo Radio LLC.

Richard Rodriguez, a local inventor and entrepreneur who has found
success in the technology industries and an active member of the
inventing community in the state of Texas states, "This program was
designed to provide up to date information on the many aspects of
getting an inventors idea to market. By dispelling some of the myths,
and unveiling some of the pitfalls that inventors run into while
attempting to get their idea to market, we are able to assist so many
people in reaching the American dream."

While information is the root of The Gizmo Show's format;
entertainment is not spared. The show sails through an hour of
programming by inviting callers and guests to share their personal
triumphs and tribulations with the audience. For co-host and
producer, Sandy Levy this is the heart of the program. "Typically,
the most entertaining radio is found in sports, politics and
religion. We have found that the inventing and entrepreneur world is
just as passionate. Inevitably ALL inventors and entrepreneurs share
the same amount of passion about their gadgets and ventures as any
sports fan, political pundit or preacher. It's just good radio."

Presently, the program offers full segments from professionals that
are proficient in legal, accounting, marketing and funding
fields. "The Gizmo Show is clearly an interactive experience which
the inventor-entrepreneur can call in and immediately find direction
for their business needs," states local entrepreneur and businessman
Josh Schechter.

Join the fun on Sunday nights, starting July 2, 2006 from 7-8pm (CST) live on CBS station KTSA 550 AM and internet streamed at URL

For further information about The Gizmo Show contact Ms. Sandy Levy
or visit online for archived shows at URL

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Capture Slingbox Video

If u recently bought a Slingbox, u may want to take a look at this $30 app that will record directly from your Slingbox and save as Windows Media Videos.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Most Hip Browser: Flock

Flock is a Firebox-based browser that makes it extremely easy to share photos, update blogs, etc. Just drag-n-drop and it takes care of all the uploading details, writes html automatically, etc.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Free Slideshow Tool & Hosting provides a free tool call the PJ180 that makes it really easy to create slideshows with music, transitions, text overlays, etc. U can also host with them for free.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Can u hear this ringtone?

Kids can hear it, but teachers cannot. I can only hear it in my right ear. How about u?
The Mosquito Ringtone

Free Virtual GPS

FREE software download turns any WiFi enabled laptop into a 'GPS.' What r the benefits? Well all your searches can be customized to your location atuomatically b/c it knows your exact location at all times. Say u r lost at some city and don't even know where u r at. It will map your location. Now search for a chinese restaurant. It maps all nearby chinese restaurants with full directions to get there.. Even if u don't have WiFi, u can specify your address and u get all the benefits as well.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cutting Edge Maps

If u r wondering about the latest map mashups and upcoming concepts read Wired's review of the Where 2.0 Conference.
Wired's review
For example, in the future u will point your camera phone at real world places/objects and on the screen u will have links overlayed on top of the image that provide info such as user comments, restaurant menus, historical data, etc. In other words, your GPS-enabled phone knows where u r at every moment. Now point your phone at some building like u r going to take its picture. On the screen u see the building and will also be seeing links overlayed on top for additional info.

Show The World Your Purchases

I think this is a significant concept that is bound for greatness. Eventually every online store will offer its clients the ability to show the world what they've purchased. This would be a hit at online stores that allow you to customize your product; upon purchasing you could show the world your unique product(s). The first generic service that can plug into any online shopping cart and provide this kind of functionality will make millions. I am already preparing my own website that can take advantage of such a service. I just hope it will be available before I make my online store live.
MyCollectibles Concept

Monday, June 12, 2006

Portable Video 4 the Masses

It's coming. Take your video/tv files w/u anywhere for less than $100. Just right 4 me b/c I don't have time to watch my DVR recorded tv shows while sitting at home. I need to watch them on the run.
MediaREADY Glider

Another Vending Machine (by Sony)

Sony is getting into the vending bandwagon, too.
Sony Vending Machine

Other vending-type bizs we've seen recently:
AutoCart Supercenter

How to save $$ on phones

My Current Situation (annually):
  • Cingular Service for 2 cell phones $1000
  • Time Warner Digital home phone $400
  • Total $1400
My Future Situation (annually):
My Future Situation after 1st year (annually):
  • Pocket Service for 2 cell phones $800
  • Home Phone Service $0
  • Total $800
Total Savings beyond 1st year $600 annually!

CNET's Learning Campus

Free, useful how-to videos for taking photos, videos, etc.

Multiple Search Engines

Get a combined search result from several different search engines like Yahoo and Google.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

ColdFusion Content Management

If u r running ColdFusion and want a Content Management solution then check this out:

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

AutoCart: Parent's Perfect Store

Parents w/ kids will truely enjoy this Drive-Thru Supercenter Store. Just pre-order everything. Drive-thru and your goods are loaded into your vehicle. On the downside, you won't be greeted at the door by a nice grandma/grandpa. I'll like it b/c my kids often fall asleep on the way to the store and now I won't have to wake them all up and lay them inside a cart. My kids won't be grabbing at candy in the register aisle either.
AutoCart Supercenter

Friday, May 26, 2006

Old Style Games in Flash

Here is a list of some old games like Frogger, written in Flash.

Show/Hide Post Details

Do u have a blog and want to let your users expand/collapse the text of your posts, especially the long posts? Just follow Blogger's help topic entitled
How can I make show/hide links for my posts?

Now want to add a "show/hide all posts" link? Here is the code I wrote and instructions which assume you did the above steps already.

Step 1. In your template where you put the javascript "function expandcollapse", you must add more code so it will look like this:

function expandcollapse (postid) {
 whichpost = document.getElementById(postid);

 if (whichpost.className=="postshown") {
 else {
var postIDs = "";
var allHidden = true;

function expandcollapseAll() {
var postArray = postIDs.split(",");
for (var i=0;i< postArray.length;i++) {
if (document.getElementById(postArray[i])) {
    whichpost = document.getElementById(postArray[i]);
    if (allHidden) {
    } else {
allHidden = !(allHidden);

Step 2. Right after where you put

<a href="javascript:expandcollapse('<$BlogItemNumber$>1')">
[+/-] show/hide this post</a>

add the following line:
<script language="javascript">

Step 3. Somewhere after <div id="sidebar">
add the following line to create a link  
<a href="javascript:expandcollapseAll()">
[+/-] show/hide all posts</a>

That is all there is to it!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

C Yourself on TV in A.M.

No kidding. Turn any mirror in your house into a tv. So when u wake up, u can now literally see yourself on tv.

A Great Code Editor

My friend Beau at Fallout75 told me about this neat free editor.

Pig Out 24x7

Anytime, anyday, just drop in your coins and get all the junk food u want. Actually some of the stuff is pretty good. Can u imagine a superstore vending machine?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Free Low-Tech Grill

This sent to me by a co-worker.
This is not a joke. You can get a free BBQ grill from any of the following stores:




Food Lion






Sam's Club





I especially like the higher shelf which can be used for keeping things warm!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Real Car Is Game Controller

Why spend money on both a new car and a game controller when you can get both at once? The new Nissan Urge is a real car. It is also an XBox 360 game controller when you have it in "park." It comes with a built in XBox 360. Now you can play and drive almost at the same time.

Nissan Urge

Where's George?

Do you ever wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been, or where it will go next? This is the place to find out.

All you need to do is enter the denomination, series, and serial number of any US dollar bill, and your current USA ZIP or Canadian Post Code.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Here Comes Pocket Communications

Sure Cricket Celluar sounds pretty good for unlimited anytime minutes for $45.
But by the beginning of June 2006, there is a new player in town called Pocket Communications.
They offer unlimited anytime minutes for $28 plus for $3 more you can get caller ID, call waiting, and voice mail. So for $31 per month and no contracts I get what i really need. In the future if I need unlimited Picture Messaging I can add that for $5 more.

Cool Plugins For Your Browser

Save Flash movies, and other really cool utilities. All free!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Would U Buy An e3 Machine?

It may be the best/worst investment you've ever made. Read this review.
e3 Review

U want the finger?

Here, i'll give u the finger:

Internet Cable TV Getting Closer

I have digital phone service that works via my internet broadband service. Then I have cable TV as a separate service. I wish I could just pay for my internet broadband, then hunt around the internet to get the cheapest service for phone and cable tv. For cheap phone service there is Skype, Vosky, etc. But for internet tv? Enter Akimbo. Hundreds of channel and on-demand, but not live. Oh well, it's getting closer.

Robotic Elephant Trunk

It was just a matter before someone invented a robotic arm like an elephant's trunk. What's next? A robotic octopus?
The Octarm

3D Mouse: A Little Too Late

Here comes the 3D mouse, but is it a little too late, considering that both Sony and Nintendo will have a gyroscopic game controller that detects spatial movement?
3D mouse

Friday, May 12, 2006

DVD Slideshow Creator

We have a friend who does DVD slideshows put to music for folks who were recently married, etc. I wonder if this is the software she uses or will this $70 app put her out of business?

ProShow Gold

Really Slick Screensavers

The old flying Windows screensavers are just a faint memory. Look at these ultimate screensavers.

The 3rd Screen, The 4th Screen

Just to keep up with these terms, u need to know the 3rd screen for advertising is your cellphone. The 4th screen is.....
giant screens at malls. Can anyone guess what the 5th screen is going to be?

Bringing Digital Ads to the Local Mall

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Turn Your Blog Into A Newsletter

Now you can put a form on your blog for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter that contains all your latest blog posts. This makes it easy for you to create a newsletter. Just add content to your blog and you automatically create a newletter. You can subscribe to my weekly newsletter that I send out on Saturdays with the form on the top right.

Friday, May 05, 2006

What is Cross-Site Scripting?

Here is a very informative video about what XSS is and other web app vulnerabilities. I highly recommend watching it.

Google Tech Talk

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Combat Expensive Gas

It's a long story, but I like it!!!
This makes a lot of sense~ read to the end!!!  The idea presented here is definitely worth doing... I would also add not using credit cards when you buy gas... they make even more that way.

A man eats two eggs each morning for breakfast. When he goes to the
 grocery store he pays .60 cents a dozen. Since a dozen eggs won't last a
week he normally buys two dozens at a time.

 One day while buying eggs he notices that the price has risen to 72
 The next time he buys groceries, eggs are .76 cents a dozen. When asked
to explain the price of eggs the store owner says, "the price has gone up
and I have to raise my price accordingly".

This store buys 100 dozen eggs a day. I checked around for a better price
 and all the distributors have raised their prices. The distributors have
begun to buy from the huge egg farms. The small egg farms have been
driven out of business.
The huge egg farms sells 100,000 dozen eggs a day to distributors. With
no competition, they can set the price as they see fit. The distributors
then have to raise their prices to the grocery stores. And on and on and on.
As the man kept buying eggs the price kept going up. He saw the big egg
trucks delivering 100 dozen eggs each day. Nothing changed there.

 He checked out the huge egg farms and found they were selling 100,000
dozen eggs to the distributors daily. Nothing had changed but the price of eggs.

Then week before Thanksgiving the price of eggs shot up to $1.00 a dozen.
 Again he asked the grocery owner why and was told, "cakes and baking for
the holiday". The huge egg farmers know there will be a lot of baking
 going on and more eggs will be used. Hence, the price of eggs goes up.
Expect the same thing at Christmas and other times when family cooking,
 baking, etc. happen.

This pattern continues until the price of eggs is 2.00 a dozen. The man
says,"there must be something we can do about the price of eggs".

He starts talking to all the people in his town and they decide to stop
buying eggs. This didn't work because everyone needed eggs. Finally, the
 man suggested only buying what you need.
  He ate 2 eggs a day. On the way home from work he would stop at the
 grocery and buy two eggs. Everyone in town started buying 2 or 3 eggs a

The grocery store owner began complaining that he had too many eggs in
his cooler. He told the distributor that he didn't need any eggs. Maybe
wouldn't need any all week.
 The distributor had eggs piling up at his warehouse. He told the huge egg
farms that he didn't have any room for eggs and would not need any for at
least two weeks.

At the egg farm, the chickens just kept on laying eggs.

To relieve the pressure, the huge egg farm told the distributor that they
could buy the eggs at a lower price. The distributor said, " I don't have
the room for the eggs even if they were free".

The distributor told the grocery store owner that he would lower the price of the eggs if the store would start buying again. The grocery store owner said, "I don't have room for more eggs. The customers are only buying 2 or 3 eggs at a time. Now if you were to drop the price of eggs back down
to the original  price, the customers would start buying by the dozen
  The distributors sent that proposal to the huge egg farmers. They liked
the price they were getting for their eggs but, them chickens just kept
on laying.
 Finally, the egg farmers lowered the price of their eggs. But only a few
cents. The customers still bought 2 or 3 eggs at a time. They said, "when
the price of eggs gets down to where it was before, we will start buying
by the dozen."
 Slowly the price of eggs started dropping. The distributors had to slash
their prices to make room for the eggs coming from the egg farmers. The
egg farmers cut their prices because the distributors wouldn't buy at a
higher price than they were selling eggs for.  Anyway, they had full warehouses and wouldn't need eggs for quite a while.  And them chickens kept on laying.
 Eventually, the egg farmers cut their prices because they were throwing
away eggs they couldn't sell. The distributors started buying again
because the eggs were priced to where the stores could afford to sell
them at the lower price.
 And the customers starting buying by the dozen again.

Now, transpose this analogy to the gasoline industry.

What if everyone only bought $10.00 worth of gas each time they pulled to
the pump. The dealers tanks would stay semi full all the time. The
dealers wouldn't have room for the gas coming from the huge tank farms. The tank farms wouldn't have room for the gas coming from the refining plants. And the refining plants wouldn't have room for the oil being off loaded from
the huge tankers coming from the Middle East.
  Just $10.00 each time you buy gas. Don't fill it up. You may have to stop
for gas twice a week but, the price should come down.

 Think about it.

As an added note...When I buy $10.00 worth of gas,that leaves my tank a
little under half full. The way prices are jumping around, you can buy
gas for $2.65 a gallon and then the next morning it can be $2.15. If you have
your tank full of $2.65 gas you don't have room for the $2.15 gas. You
might not understand the economics of only buying two eggs at a time but,
you can't buy cheaper gas if your tank is full of the high priced stuff.

Also, don't buy anything else at the gas station, don't give them any
more of your hard earned money than what you spend on gas, until the prices
come down..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gorillapod: Instant Tripod

Nifty tripod for your digital camera that stands, hooks, etc.

Shut Off That TV!!

Now u can shut off or turn on any TV anywhere. This keychain universal remote is small enough to carry with u. Hasta la vista, TV!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Here Come The Blog Forms!!!

We've all seen and read blogs, but have u ever filled in a form on a blog? It's not likely that bloggers know how to create forms and the code needed to retrieve the responses. Enter the new Form Templates presently offered by two companies. Now u will see online surveys, gambling, auctions, etc appearing in blogs.

Eye-Fi: A Hardware Mashup

Thought mashups were only for apps and not hardware? Think again. There are probably a ton of hardware mashups out there. I just think this one is interesting. What do u get when u mashup an SD Flash Memory card for cameras and WiFi hardware? Check it out:

How To Use Google On Phone

All u need is text messaging (SMS). For all instructions and demo go to:

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

iPod Generics

Look at these iPod alternative players/accessories selling for a whole lot less.
Sent by Beau Hoptowit.

Self-Playing MP3 Books

No MP3 player required b/c each book is in fact an MP3 player itself, like the size of a cigarette box, and sell for $35-$50 each. No encoding, no uploading!!! Even come with own headphones. Just push play and listen to the book.

Wikis 4 Shopping Sites

Amazon and are counting on buyers to submit their own
reviews of products to share with others. Now u can tell the whole
world whether that waterbed u bought is any good.
Review at:
Catch the Wiki Fever while shopping online

Cheap MP3 Players Direct from China

Get these at rock bottom prices found on eBay

MP3 Player 1

MP3 Player 2

MP3 Player 3

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Simultaneously

Run all three operating systems on your Intel-based Mac, simultaneously!

or use the open-source alternative:

Use Skype w/o Computer

Now u can use your Skype account using just your home phone with the
new Vosky Call Center $60 box. Call anyone around the world for free
without requiring any computer.

Watch Tivo On Your Cell Phone

Sling Media has taken their Sling Box concept one step further. Now u
can watch and control your home's DVR via your cell phone!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What's So Good About Google Bookmarks?

The new way to add "bookmarks or favorites" in your browser is to use Google Bookmarks instead. In IE this is done thru the Google Toolbar and in FireFox you need to install an extension. The neat thing is whatever computer you use, these bookmarks will be available if the toolbar or firefox extension is installed on that computer. U just login to google and u can start adding/managing all your bookmarks. They can also be organized thru "Labels"
For IE:
For Firefox:

Monday, April 17, 2006

Full Service Product Shipping

If u r looking for somone to handle all your order fulfillment processes, there is a company close by based in Austin, TX.
Another one is:

Friday, April 14, 2006

San Antonio's City-Wide Wi-Fi

Local newspaper states wi-fi coming soon to town. First in all libraries, then downtown, etc.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bye, Bye Microsoft Excel

Another knockout blow to a Microsoft app. This time an Ajax replacement for Excel. Ajax is The Real Deal and it is just starting to take off.
See the new web-based spreadsheet app at:

TypeTester: Typography Must Tool

If u work w/ different styles of text for the web, this tool let's u preview all combos of font attributes.

What can't u do w/ Google?

My friend Taylor Benson sent me this one. Here is a cheatsheet to get the most out of your google searches.  Some of the operators I knew about, but others I didn't and I find them very useful.  You can do math equations with google. Man I wish google was around when I was going through geometry and trig.
See the Google Guide at:

Zixxo: Need a Coupon?

Just enter type of product, service or location and you'll get a list of coupons. BTW, it's free for advertizers to submit their coupons until the end of this year. So make your coupons now so people can find you.
Review at:

Monday, April 10, 2006

Any Feed Now on Your Website

Show any feed (RSS, ATOM, etc.) on your website with no programming. This tool is so easy to use. Look on my right sidebar and see what I added in a matter of a few minutes.

$0.02/MB Music Downloads

That's about 9 cents per song at medium quality levels. That's really cheap and legal.
Review at:

Friday, April 07, 2006

PixRat: Bookmark Your Favorite Photos

Don't just bookmark webpages. Now u can bookmark any photo u find on the net.

Keep Up W/ Video Sites

This article mentions several new video sites that also offer video editing and sharing. Great info to have as reference for when u get ready to upload video clips.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wonder Where I Find the Best Ajax Apps?

It's no secret. U can preview all the great Ajax Apps coming soon at:

Use Ajax, Not PowerPoint 4 Presentations

Need to make a presentation but neither u nor your audience has a copy of PowerPoint? No problem. Just use Ajax and everyone will be happy.

Best Free Windows Software

Don't have to weed thru the ton of free software for Windows. Just browse this list containing all kinds of apps for Windows.

Another Ajax Tool: AjaxSketch

Gotta try this one out for drawing/sketching. I think the coding behind this is as impressive as the Ajax video editing.

What?! AJAX Video Editing

U can now do video editing with AJAX. What will they think of next?!  Now u really have to think the sky is the limit with what u can do w/ AJAX.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hire Programmers By The Dozen

Have a project that needs programmers for cheap? Now u can afford to hire a whole team!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

You can get the full patent text and images as a pdf all for free at including search capability.

Don't Own MS Word? No Sweat

Can't open a Microsoft Word doc because u don't have the latest version? Use this online version, by, which opens/edits
<ul><li>Microsoft Word</li><li>Microsoft Works</li><li>Word Perfect</li><li>OpenOffice</li><li>StarOffice</li></ul>
Google's upcoming one is:

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Text Search 4 Videos

Now you can find any spoken word in any video. For example, you can to view that piece of a soap opera when she said "Kill him!"

Get Your Web Storage Here

More online storage services are popping up. That means you can have unlimited storage of any file type for pennies, if not free.

Web's #2 Language: 国语

Just some advice which I hope to follow myself. Go to, search for Mandarin, and buy some tutorials. It is the world's most spoken language, and web's #2. It is growing really fast even here in the US. Read Wired's article The Mandarin Offensive.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Free Easy Google Maps Mashup

This Map Builder helps u create a mashup of your data w/ Google Maps. Just enter your multiple locations w/ descriptions, click "Add" for each one, view the source and add it to your website.

Free TV: Got to save $ somehow

Paying for cable or satellite is getting old. Some people are figuring out how to get free satellite channels. I'll have to try this. Let me know if u have any success.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Want to make a dishonest $1?

Some anonymous user disagrees with me about posting this story since this blog post will contribute to the problem. I think this person is absolutely right. In response I modified the story to not give any details. Thanks again for monitoring my posts as well.

Get paid $1 for every contact info you submit to [evil site]. It could be your co-workers, bosses, etc, even without their consent. That's evil. This company won't last too long without a major lawsuit. I hope this service goes away fast. Somebody give these people a lawsuit!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Riya: The Internet's Next Big App

Guaranteed that this app will be extremely popular. Upload your photos. Tag a few of them with people's name, places, etc. Riya then auto-tags all the remaining photos using recognition software. Now do a search and it globally searches all other people's photos as well.
Review at:
Developer's blog:

eSnips: 1GB Free Storage

English company offers 1GB of free storage. Competitor to and

Accoona: China's Google

Keep your eyes on this one. China-backed Accoona hopes to out-do Google.
Review at:

POW!!! Watch out!!!

Check out these frightened folks in England when they heard a loud POW!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ask SiteAdvisor About Any Website

Is that website safe? Does it force u to download unwanted files, try to fool u into signing up for spam, link to unsafe sites, etc. SiteAdvisor ranks any site as red, yellow, or green, even in search result sets.

Google Mars

Google Earth now has a brother. Take a look at Mars:
Google Earth is still at:

Create a Favicon Online

No need to download an app. Just submit your png file. Submitted by Fallout 75

Local SA Inventors

If u r in San Antonio, TX here is an inventor's group. The Big Idea Radio Show is a little talk show talking about Big Ideas! Every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM CST, on news-talk station KTSA 550 AM radio.

IKEA: My Family's Furniture Store

My wife and I finally went to IKEA on IH-10 entering Houston, Tx. Wow! We were totally in awe & overwhelmed. Very affordable, unique designs for every room. Save your $ and spend it at this mega store.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Church Sign Generator

Michele Garcia sent this one. It's cool how php can generate an image with dynamic text overlayed on top.

Become A Home-Based Phone Rep

Do u do telephone customer service for a living and love it? Now u can work from home. Think about this company as a home-based West Telemarketing.

Another Custom Prototype Shop

Need to make a prototype of something and can afford to pay someone? These folks can do it all for you.
The other shop is:

MP3 Players 2 Much $$$? Build One

Can't afford to buy an mp3 player? Don't sweat it. Now you can build one yourself, really cheap and getting cheaper.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Young Programmers: Do It Like This

Here is what young programmers advice aspiring entrepreneurs. These kids rock. Web programming is one area where thinking like a kid helps a whole lot.

Should u forward this email?

This is really funny!! If you have ever received a chain email or any kind you will really appreciate this! Sent to me by Yvette Martinez.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mold Your Own Plastic Project

Stop cutting and glueing pieces of plastic to make your project. Now u can use hot water to mold plastic. Just in time for that American Inventor reality show.

Museum Of Modern Betas: Web App Inventions

Want a glimpse of what other people are planning to do on the web? Take a look at a list of beta apps and get inspired to do your own.

Cheap Ruby on Rails Hosting

$24/year for Ruby on Rails hosting. That's $2/month! 500 MB Space, 5000 MB/Month

Google Earth Wants Your House Pic

Sketch your house in 3D and add it to Google Earth so we can all see it.

New Web Programming is Powerful

A new paradigm shift in web programming is gaining momentum. Checkout what this 17 year old kid did that rivals I think he used Ruby on Rails.

Pleo: Amazing Life-like Dinosaur

For all u dinosaur enthusiasts, coming in Q3 2006 is a revolutionary, artificial-intelligent dinosaur that will sell for $200. Not intended for toddlers.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Service Will Identify Any File

Bit9, Inc.A new service is coming that will use a huge database of previously identified file information to identify any file you submit. So when u get a strange file in email, just submit it to them and they will tell u what type of file it is, even if the file tries to disguise itself as something else.

Free Word Processor to Kill MS Word

Google is getting ready to do to Microsoft Word what Microsoft's Internet Explorer did to Netscape. Bye, bye MS Word. With all this free stuff its getting fun to be on the web again.

Free 411 Directory Assistance

Stop paying for expensive 411 directory assistance, especially thru your cellular. Use these ad-supported, free services: 800-411-METRO and 800-FREE-411

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Preview My Kids Future PC

Sometime in the near future my kids will most probably have one of these Ultra-Mobile PCs. Of course, I will probably get one first.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Google's Upcoming Calendar

Here comes a new AJAX powered calendar called CL2, made by Google. U know it will be popular.

A Ton of Fresh AJAX apps

Here comes Microsoft's response to Google's use of AJAX. They are not holding back. If you are a programmer, get up to speed on AJAX asap.

What's it like to work at Google?

See pictures of Googlers at work.
Wow, u can do your laundry at work!

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Good Laugh: What's a web browser?

Watch out for those dumb people out there using the internet. Read about their stories at:

Friday, March 03, 2006

U Network Geeks Will Luv This

Network Calculators for the really technical (and hackers)

Free Images & Textures

Another source for free images and textures.

Disguise Your Caller ID

When you telephone people, don't let them know it's you calling. Alter the Caller ID they see, even the voice they hear. Plus record all your conversations.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Need a Free, Easy Setup VPN?

Virtual Private Network for all your computers anywhere in the world. Hamachi is fast, secure, simple, and free.

How to Find Your Own Purpose

This site is so cool. Here is just one article found there:
Plz comment on any other cool articles u find there.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Do u have an avatar yet?

Create a 3D one asap....before someone discovers your true identity!

Take Google's Advice for SEO

Here is what Google has to say about Search Engine Optimization, which has to do with improving the search ranking of your site.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Free Small Biz Web Courses

South-West Texas Border Region SBDC now offers free online learning for small businesses that cover business plans, maintaining finances, starting a business,and creating a web presence. On the right sidebar click on "Online Training Now Available"

Kaleidoscope Webcam

Have a webcam? Then create your own "live" kaleidoscopes !

Your Own Amazon Storefront

Imagine with all its references to Amazon replaced by yours. You become a reseller of Amazon products and all drop shipments have your labels. Even if you make only a few cents on each sale, you have no hassles for inventory, shipping, etc. Think it's too hard to do? It is getting simpler....

Friday, February 24, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Morning Commute Workout

U may soon be able to workout during your commute to/from work if this Bike Bus catches on as in Brazil.

Mouse Hides Inside Laptop

This mouse literally hides and lives inside your laptop. Check out the MoGo Mouse.

I Know Who U Called

For a small fee I can get a log of all your calls you've made from your cellular.
I bet some "Cheaters"don't know about this. Watch out !
Incidentally, Cingular is suing this service.

Wanted: Your Videos

There are new free services popping up for sharing your videos online.
Called video blogs, here are a few:

Google Power: Unprotected Directories

Not convinced Google is powerful?

Read this article and you will be able to search for content in "unprotected directories."

Once you learn about this, can u find any unprotected directories on your favorites sites?

Fancy AJAX Photo Editor

YeePay Micropayments

Remember we talked about the problem of small monetary transactions under $1? The problem is that the cost of processing the transaction eats up the profit. We talked about as trying to solve this dilema by aggregating a bunch of these small transactions and processing them as one single big transaction.

Today, there is a Chinese company who has taken a different approach. They are adding these small transactions to a user's phone bill. When the user buys anything via their mobile device, the bill is added to the user's mobile service bill. That's pretty clever because when you look at your phone bill you already can see calls that cost just a few cents. Now you will be seeing other items, say like a song download, show up on your phone bill.

Here is an article about the Chinese company

Share Your Videos: Bookstyle

Just in case u didn't know, u can now share your videos in book form.

How? Take a look here:

Publish Your Own Books

That's right you can easy write and publish your own books now. It just costs you a few dollars, not hundreds.
When you do, just let me know and I will be the first to buy your book and get it signed, of course.

Check out the demo available at:

Fix Scratched CDs

Here is the device that sells for under $40 that polishes your CDs and DVDs to remove all the
scratches. It is called the SkipDR

Virtual Real Estate: Serious $$$

No kidding. There is big time money in buying virtual islands, space stations, etc. inside games.
Does anybody know what this is all about? I had never heard about this. People are actually
paying maybe a few cents at a time to virtually explore someone's property and spend more money
there virtually hunting. This is insane, and I love it!

Offer WiFi Service to Neighbors

If you already have internet service at home, now you can extend that service, via WiFi, to your neighbors. Charge them something to offset your internet service cost.

Caution: this technology is used by "evil twins" at public hotspots to trick you into logging into their WiFi service. If you do, they can monitor all your online activity.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

McDonald's Health Insurance

In case your kids are not covered under an insurance, now you can order a kid's Happy Meal with Health Insurance for your kids.

McHealth Insurance

Monday, February 13, 2006

Is your buddy fooling u?

Check what your buddy said against this group of fallacies. Don't be fooled again, as always!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Taping Every NBA Player

Instantly find and see all the great passes by Ginobili this season, or all the flagrant fouls by Shaq.
Whatever player, whatever move.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Can I Buy Your Book?

That's right you can easy write and publish your own books now. It just costs you a few dollars, not hundreds.
When you do, just let me know and I will be the first to buy your book and get it signed, of course.

Check out the demo available at:

Laptop Hidden Mouse

This mouse literally hides and lives inside your laptop.
Check out the MoGo Mouse.

Make Me Dance

Check it out.
It gets really wide if you upload your own face as a jpeg.

Do you Yahoo!?
With a free 1 GB, there's more in store with Yahoo! Mail.

SkipDr Fixes CDs

Here is the device that sells for under $40 that polishes your CDs and DVDs to remove all the scratches. It is called the SkipDR

Bring words and photos together (easily) with
PhotoMail - it's free and works with Yahoo! Mail.

Share Your Videos: Bookstyle

Just in case u didn't know, u can now share your videos in book form.
How? Take a look here:

IVR Cheat Sheet

Just in case u missed this. It was featured on ABC World News last week.
If u want to immediately bypass the computer and get a human whenever u call one of these
companies, then use this cheat sheet:

Make Me Dance

Check it out.
It gets really wild if you upload your own face as a jpeg.

Video Content for iPod

Bring words and photos together (easily) with
PhotoMail - it's free and works with Yahoo! Mail.

Your next furniture store

I promise.............
We don't have one in town, yet.
Closest is in Houston with one coming soon to Austin.

Yahoo! Autos. Looking for a sweet ride? Get pricing, reviews, & more on new and used cars.

Slingbox: TV Freaks' Gadget

Just in case u didn't get this from our friend Art Castro.

This gadget is definitely for those who can't get enough TV or who have to
have the latest and greatest home entertainment stuff.

Bring words and photos together (easily) with
PhotoMail - it's free and works with Yahoo! Mail.