Friday, September 21, 2012

The Gifting Bandwagon

It seems everyone is jumping on board to produce the ideal gifting service. Even Facebook is getting ready to announce their gifting initiative. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Irrive: Collaborative Social Scrapbooks

I wonder what a scrapbook would look like if you and all your friends could make one together.

Raspberry Pi

If you thought coding a webserver with a few lines of Node.js was cool, then try take it down another notch. This time throw away your server hardware and start from scratch using Raspberry Pi. 

The Raspberry Pi is a $35, full-blown micro computer that runs Linux. Use its video, audio, network, and digital I/O to create media centers, web servers, interfaces to external hardware—you name it. 

Update: May be the Raspberry Pi is not so easy or cheap to use.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hot New Development Frameworks

These are cool new frameworks for developers to use for fast programming.

Email APIs

The new services for programmatically accessing your emails:

Nice Waiting List iOS App

These guys are probably getting it right. A very nice iPad app for restaurants to use to manage their waiting clients list. 

Cloud-Based Mobile App Development

Forget about installing all those SDKs on your computer. Do all your mobile develoment, from Windows Phone to iPhone, using

Mobile Development with ShoutEm

Another service for mobile app and web app development, that uses HTML5. 


Another service to integrate all of your personal data, from Facebook to Gmail, etc.


PowerInbox allows you to be more interactive with your emails. For example, you can send a post directly to your Facebook or Twitter, without having to login to those separate services.