Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Useful jQuery Tips for Select Lists

If you are into using jQuery and need to manage select lists, here are some really useful tips.

By the way, I wrote my own routine for using an array to save a select list and its selected index when the page loads:

//Save all initial options
    var saveselect = new Array();
    $('#myselect option').each(function() {
        saveselect[this.value] = this.text;
    //Save inital selected index
    var saveindex = $("#myselect option").index($("#myselect option:selected"));

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Voice to Text

I may have written about this before but since the blog search is not working on my blog, it would take me a long while to find that post. Nonetheless, it is worth repeating.

These services are apparently really good and perhaps cheap at converting voice calls into transcribed text. Read all about them here:
DiTech's PhoneTag Now Works Behind Your Company's Firewall
SimulScribe Signs Exclusive $17 Million Partnership Agreement With Ditech Networks