Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Redroller: Compare Shipping Carriers

Compare -  real-time rates and delivery/pickup options from top carriers.
Ship -  directly from your Ship From address; print shipping labels; and then track and view shipment reports.
Save -  time and save money. It's so easy. And, best of all, RedRoller is FREE!

Searching by Tags

Social tagging is big now among many different websites. Now there is one site in which you can search by any tag across different websites at the same time. You can search via tag using services like Youtube, Flickr, Technorati, 43Things, and many of their competitors.

Sell on Mobiles

Sell your stuff on mobile devices. Just use Gumiyo and they will take care of the details. All u do is upload your product images, etc.

Monday, January 29, 2007

B 4 Inviting Google to Your Site

Here is a checklist of things to have ready before inviting Google to crawl your website for their search engine.

Get Ready

Thursday, January 25, 2007

BofA Keep the Change

Bank of America is running a promotion called "Keep the Change" where for every purchase paid with your checkcard they will round up the purchase amount to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference to your savings account. So it's like keepng your extra change in your savings account. Then they will match 100% of the spare change for the first three months and match 5% thereafter. Does this sound like a good deal?

When we do the math, it may not turn out to be so great. I took a look at my own spending habits and this is what I discovered.
  • I have an average of 50 checkcard purchases per month.
  • If you average the spare change on any purchase you get $0.50. That's because the average number from 1 cent to 99 cents is 50 cents.
  • 50 x $0.50 = $25.00 you will be putting aside into your savings account.
  • For the first three months, BofA will match 100% of $25.00 so in three months that's $75 BofA will put into your savings.
  • Thereafter, BofA matches 5% so on average $25 x 5% = $1.25 per month BofA will put into your savings.
  • In one year BofA will put $1.25 x 12 = $15.00
  • $15 is nothing compared to any overdraft or under balance fees you may pay in a year.
Their deal is at:

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Add Widgets to My Blog

Time to add some cool widgets for my blog. Or better yet, why not create my own widgets that can generate income for both those who add my widget to their sites and for me.
NYT review

Basics of Online Payment Systems

>From a programming standpoint, how do u go about processing online payments?
Here are a few summaries of the process.

Apple's Gazillion New Products

Apple has plenty of catching up to do. It better hurry up in getting these new products produced before their future products become obsolete by other emerging technologies.
Apple's Next Product

Friday, January 19, 2007

Product Development 2.0

A very interesting article about what Product 2.0, its business model and its potential. These thoughts are from Dion Hinchcliffe.

Product Development 2.0

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Infonomia: Spanish Ideas

A website in Spanish to promote new ideas. They have a magazine called "if"

Internet TV by Skype Founders

After they sold Skype to eBay, the founders are at it again. This time they want everyone to access any international TV channel thru their new service to be called Joost. One of their competitors is and another is
Read review

Watch TV From Around the World

Watch any station, in any part of the world. It's coming soon. Actually in the beginning you'll be able to watch just some channels, but the infrastructure is being set up to support all of the world's TV channels.

Friday, January 12, 2007

My Ideas on Cambrian House

I submitted my iPhone ideas to Cambrian House. Vote for them if u think they are some of the best ideas you've ever known.

Cambrian House

Future Computer Interface

To complement the mouse, keyboard, stylus, pen tablet, voice, etc., we will be interacting with computers thru the use of our hands. In fact, this will open the possibilities of completely new applications.

Invented by Jefferson Han

Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone Killer Apps

Since Apple's new iPhone runs OS X we should be seeing some killer applications for it soon. Here are three of my favorites:

1. iShopper. Scenario: u r shopping and find an item u really like but the price is 2 high. Using your iPhone's camera u upload a picture of the item to an "object search engine" such as The search engine returns a list of similar items available in your local shopping area, along with current prices and availability. It may turn out there is an exact same item just down the mall at another store, so it just saved u a lot of time.

2. iPlacer. Scenario1: Your friend calls u and the iPhone simultaneously auto-places your friend on a Google map at his exact location. Now you can keep track of each other's location. Scenario 2: U find yourself in an unknown city or neighborhood and need a taxi. Your problem is that there are no street signs so u normally couldn't give your location to a taxi. Not a problem anymore because u and the taxi have iPhones and the taxi driver can pinpoint you.

3. iGuide. Scenario: u r touring an unfamiliar territory, such as a shopping, restaurant, or historical district. Using your iPhone's camera and its GPS you point it at a restaurant. It recognizes the restaurant and gives u its website, contact info and menu. U then point your phone at a historical landmark and the iPhone does a search and gives u all sorts of historical background info of what u r looking at.

4. iEvent. I first thought that this app should be called iSportster, but then I realized it applies to more than just sporting events. The concept comes from the movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. In the movie we see groups of kids watching the cars race by and using their phones' built-in videocams to broadcast the race to other groups of kids further down the racetrack. At every turn of the racetrack there are kids doing the same thing with their phones, thereby eveyone is viewing the race from different angles in real time. The phones are able to broadcast the video to other phones.

Now with the iPhone and all its glorious features, this concept can be refined. The scene: u r at a basketball game at a stadium equipped with WiFi. As u walked into the stadium your phone received a seating map of stadium. Many other fans are there sitting all over the stadium with their own iPhones. Each fan is videocaming their view of the game and is being broadcast to other iPhones. In addition, the TV cameras at the stadium are also broadcasting, thru WiFi, their video footage to the iPhones. With your iPhone u view the seating map of the stadium and see all the pin markers of all the iPhones and TV cameras available for viewing. U pick a camera and view the game from that angle in real time. U have to go to the rest room but don't want to miss a second of the game, so u take your iPhone with u. Their are also people outside the stadium with iPhones who could not get a ticket to the game, but are able to view the game thru all the available cameras as well.

Now think about a local high school baseball game, where there is no WiFi. Many fans with iPhones sitting all around are also able to share video footage by broadcasting to each other because the iPhone s also operate on the Cingular network. To navigate to different videocams, each iPhone can pull up a Google map of their location with pin markers of other local iPhones sharing their video footage. By clicking on one of these pin markers u can change your viewing angle of the game in real time.

Because this applies to more than just games, think about what other types of events this could be useful at. For example, at a parade u often wonder what's coming down the road next. Well up the road there are people with iPhones videocaming the parade and u can see their footage thru your iPhone. Think about how a security officer with an iPhone can tap into all the security cameras at a store no matter where he is.

5. iRemote. When your iPhone rings and you are at home and have an AppleTV dvr, then have the caller id appear on the screen. iPhone and AppleTV should be able to communicate with each other out of the box. This is almost the same as what Time Warner Cable does thru their cable and digital phone services. When your digital phone rings at home, the caller id is shown on the screen. Plus you can browse thru your phone's call log on your TV. You should be able to do the same call log browsing on the AppleTV. In addition, you should be able to use the AppleTV as another interface to all your functionality on your iPhone. In other words, just use your AppleTV to view everything on your iPhone, except you won't be able to use your fingers to navigate, but rather u will need to use your AppleTV remote control. This way u won't have to go find your iPhone when u are watching TV. Just answer the call on your AppleTV. The show u r watching will be muted, while u take the call or listen to your messages.

To carry the AppleTV and iPhone integration a bit further, imagine this. Some commercials have a website and a phone number that appear on your TV. Just point and click on a phone number with your AppleTV remote and the iPhone will auto-dial the number so u can start talking right away. Or click on a website url appearing on your TV and the iPhone will auto-navigate there. So u r watching a pizza commercial and decide u want to order pizza. Normally u would go hunting for your phone book to look up the phone number of your local pizza place. Now u will be able to click on a pizza commercial and the iPhone will automatically call your local pizza place so u can place your order right away.

What r your killer apps for the iPhone? Need some inspiration? Try Googling "iPhone Killer App"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ASCII Generator

Convert any text or message into a series of ascii characters such as:
     ___                              ___                  
/\__\ _____ /\__\
/:/ _/_ ___ /::\ \ /:/ _/_
/:/ /\__\ /\__\ /:/\:\ \ /:/ /\__\
/:/ /:/ //:/__/ /:/ \:\__\ /:/ /:/ _/_ ___ ___
/:/_/:/ //::\ \ /:/__/ \:|__|/:/_/:/ /\__\/\ \ /\__\
\:\/:/ / \/\:\ \__\:\ \ /:/ /\:\/:/ /:/ /\:\ \ /:/ /
\::/__/ ~~\:\/\__\\:\ /:/ / \::/_/:/ / \:\ /:/ /
\:\ \ \::/ / \:\/:/ / \:\/:/ / \:\/:/ /
\:\__\ /:/ / \::/ / \::/ / \::/ /
\/__/ \/__/ \/__/ \/__/ \/__/

ACII Generator

Pack Your Javascript

By "packing" your javascript you can reduce the size of a .js file and obfuscate its code for peeping eyes. Here are some packers:
Dean Edward's
Dojo ShrinkSafe

To Backup or Not

2007 could be the year of the backup. There are those who currently backup their hard drives and those who are going to backup their drives. Here are three services to help your online backup endeavors.

Here is David Pogue's podcast about online storage backups

Vosky Still In The News

Don't forget to use a Vosky device to connect your home's landline phones thru Skype. This way you can dump your home phone service and go thru the free Skype international service. The Vosky device will make your landline phones ring whenever there is a call, as long as your computer and broadband internet access are on. You can also place a call from any of your landline phones via the Vosky device via Skype.

There are various reviews/videos about Vosky at: