Tuesday, April 25, 2006

iPod Generics

Look at these iPod alternative players/accessories selling for a whole lot less.
Sent by Beau Hoptowit.

Self-Playing MP3 Books

No MP3 player required b/c each book is in fact an MP3 player itself, like the size of a cigarette box, and sell for $35-$50 each. No encoding, no uploading!!! Even come with own headphones. Just push play and listen to the book.

Wikis 4 Shopping Sites

Amazon and ShopWiki.com are counting on buyers to submit their own
reviews of products to share with others. Now u can tell the whole
world whether that waterbed u bought is any good.
Review at:
Catch the Wiki Fever while shopping online

Cheap MP3 Players Direct from China

Get these at rock bottom prices found on eBay

MP3 Player 1

MP3 Player 2

MP3 Player 3

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Simultaneously

Run all three operating systems on your Intel-based Mac, simultaneously!

or use the open-source alternative:

Use Skype w/o Computer

Now u can use your Skype account using just your home phone with the
new Vosky Call Center $60 box. Call anyone around the world for free
without requiring any computer.

Watch Tivo On Your Cell Phone

Sling Media has taken their Sling Box concept one step further. Now u
can watch and control your home's DVR via your cell phone!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What's So Good About Google Bookmarks?

The new way to add "bookmarks or favorites" in your browser is to use Google Bookmarks instead. In IE this is done thru the Google Toolbar and in FireFox you need to install an extension. The neat thing is whatever computer you use, these bookmarks will be available if the toolbar or firefox extension is installed on that computer. U just login to google and u can start adding/managing all your bookmarks. They can also be organized thru "Labels"
For IE:
For Firefox:

Monday, April 17, 2006

Full Service Product Shipping

If u r looking for somone to handle all your order fulfillment processes, there is a company close by based in Austin, TX.
Another one is:

Friday, April 14, 2006

San Antonio's City-Wide Wi-Fi

Local newspaper states wi-fi coming soon to town. First in all libraries, then downtown, etc.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bye, Bye Microsoft Excel

Another knockout blow to a Microsoft app. This time an Ajax replacement for Excel. Ajax is The Real Deal and it is just starting to take off.
See the new web-based spreadsheet app at:

TypeTester: Typography Must Tool

If u work w/ different styles of text for the web, this tool let's u preview all combos of font attributes.

What can't u do w/ Google?

My friend Taylor Benson sent me this one. Here is a cheatsheet to get the most out of your google searches.  Some of the operators I knew about, but others I didn't and I find them very useful.  You can do math equations with google. Man I wish google was around when I was going through geometry and trig.
See the Google Guide at:

Zixxo: Need a Coupon?

Just enter type of product, service or location and you'll get a list of coupons. BTW, it's free for advertizers to submit their coupons until the end of this year. So make your coupons now so people can find you.
Review at:

Monday, April 10, 2006

Any Feed Now on Your Website

Show any feed (RSS, ATOM, etc.) on your website with no programming. This tool is so easy to use. Look on my right sidebar and see what I added in a matter of a few minutes.

$0.02/MB Music Downloads

That's about 9 cents per song at medium quality levels. That's really cheap and legal.
Review at:

Friday, April 07, 2006

PixRat: Bookmark Your Favorite Photos

Don't just bookmark webpages. Now u can bookmark any photo u find on the net.

Keep Up W/ Video Sites

This article mentions several new video sites that also offer video editing and sharing. Great info to have as reference for when u get ready to upload video clips.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wonder Where I Find the Best Ajax Apps?

It's no secret. U can preview all the great Ajax Apps coming soon at:

Use Ajax, Not PowerPoint 4 Presentations

Need to make a presentation but neither u nor your audience has a copy of PowerPoint? No problem. Just use Ajax and everyone will be happy.

Best Free Windows Software

Don't have to weed thru the ton of free software for Windows. Just browse this list containing all kinds of apps for Windows.

Another Ajax Tool: AjaxSketch

Gotta try this one out for drawing/sketching. I think the coding behind this is as impressive as the Ajax video editing.

What?! AJAX Video Editing

U can now do video editing with AJAX. What will they think of next?!  Now u really have to think the sky is the limit with what u can do w/ AJAX.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hire Programmers By The Dozen

Have a project that needs programmers for cheap? Now u can afford to hire a whole team!