Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Philips Hue: $199 Light Bulb

Philips is selling its new Hue light bulb exclusively at Apple Stores for $199. But who is going to pay that kind of money for a light bulb?

It's features are sleek. Basically, they have integrated WiFi into the bulb so that it can be remotely controlled and programmed from a smartphone.

Cardrops: An Unlock Gadget

Here is an interesting gadget and use of it. This gadget attaches on the inside of your car's trunk. It serves two purposes. One enables the GPS location of your car. The other enables the service to open your trunk to deliver something to it. Cardrops delivers anything you order online to the trunk of your car, only in the UK.

I wonder what other interesting services there could be for such a gadget.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Memoto Takes Photo Every 30 Seconds

Nice concept. Nice product. Memoto is just launching on Kickstarter. It's a tiny wearable camera that takes a photo every 30 seconds so you can capture all your daily unexpected events. Upload them to their site and you get a very nice search capability based on time and place. 

Unbankers Rejoice! Rixty & MOL Unite

Some great news for those who don't have credit cards or bank accounts, a pretty much rely on cash. Rixty and MOL are joining forces to span the globe. They command about 500,000 payment places combined around the world. These services allow you to trade in your cash for a credit card pre-loaded with your money and that you can use online. Perhaps you have seen one of Rixty's branded cards called the Green Dot MoneyPak at your local Walgreens.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Some news about Massively Open Online Courses.

It seems some universities are bearing arms to keep these new MOOC from educating their own students.

Minnesota Bans Stanford's Unauthorized Free Online Education

There are some good links there for other MOOC services.

MassPay by Dwolla

Need to do lots of payouts to your sales team or commission earners?

Look at Dwolla Mass Pay which lets you payout up to 2,000 people at once. Fees are $0.25 for transactions over $10 and free for under $10. Caveat: payouts only to US-based people at this time.

Another Cloud IDE for Mobile Development

Here is another promising mobile IDE that runs in the cloud, so no installation and minimal configuration needed.

Others are:
Apps Builder is an Italian newcomer

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Generate QR Codes with PHP

Here is an easy to follow article about how to generate QR Codes using PHP.