Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Free Small Biz Web Courses

South-West Texas Border Region SBDC now offers free online learning for small businesses that cover business plans, maintaining finances, starting a business,and creating a web presence. On the right sidebar click on "Online Training Now Available"

Kaleidoscope Webcam

Have a webcam? Then create your own "live" kaleidoscopes !

Your Own Amazon Storefront

Imagine Amazon.com with all its references to Amazon replaced by yours. You become a reseller of Amazon products and all drop shipments have your labels. Even if you make only a few cents on each sale, you have no hassles for inventory, shipping, etc. Think it's too hard to do? It is getting simpler....

Friday, February 24, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Morning Commute Workout

U may soon be able to workout during your commute to/from work if this Bike Bus catches on as in Brazil.


Mouse Hides Inside Laptop

This mouse literally hides and lives inside your laptop. Check out the MoGo Mouse.


I Know Who U Called

For a small fee I can get a log of all your calls you've made from your cellular.
I bet some "Cheaters"don't know about this. Watch out !
Incidentally, Cingular is suing this service.

Wanted: Your Videos

There are new free services popping up for sharing your videos online.
Called video blogs, here are a few:


Google Power: Unprotected Directories

Not convinced Google is powerful?

Read this article and you will be able to search for content in "unprotected directories."

Once you learn about this, can u find any unprotected directories on your favorites sites?


Fancy AJAX Photo Editor


YeePay Micropayments

Remember we talked about the problem of small monetary transactions under $1? The problem is that the cost of processing the transaction eats up the profit. We talked about http://www.peppercoin.com/ as trying to solve this dilema by aggregating a bunch of these small transactions and processing them as one single big transaction.

Today, there is a Chinese company who has taken a different approach. They are adding these small transactions to a user's phone bill. When the user buys anything via their mobile device, the bill is added to the user's mobile service bill. That's pretty clever because when you look at your phone bill you already can see calls that cost just a few cents. Now you will be seeing other items, say like a song download, show up on your phone bill.

Here is an article about the Chinese company YeePay.com http://www.c-enter.hu/center/0258102.html

Share Your Videos: Bookstyle

Just in case u didn't know, u can now share your videos in book form.

How? Take a look here: http://www.flipclips.com/

Publish Your Own Books

That's right you can easy write and publish your own books now. It just costs you a few dollars, not hundreds.
When you do, just let me know and I will be the first to buy your book and get it signed, of course.

Check out the demo available at:

Fix Scratched CDs

Here is the device that sells for under $40 that polishes your CDs and DVDs to remove all the
scratches. It is called the SkipDR


Virtual Real Estate: Serious $$$

No kidding. There is big time money in buying virtual islands, space stations, etc. inside games.
Does anybody know what this is all about? I had never heard about this. People are actually
paying maybe a few cents at a time to virtually explore someone's property and spend more money
there virtually hunting. This is insane, and I love it!


Offer WiFi Service to Neighbors

If you already have internet service at home, now you can extend that service, via WiFi, to your neighbors. Charge them something to offset your internet service cost.

Caution: this technology is used by "evil twins" at public hotspots to trick you into logging into their WiFi service. If you do, they can monitor all your online activity.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

McDonald's Health Insurance

In case your kids are not covered under an insurance, now you can order a kid's Happy Meal with Health Insurance for your kids.

McHealth Insurance

Monday, February 13, 2006

Is your buddy fooling u?

Check what your buddy said against this group of fallacies. Don't be fooled again, as always!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Taping Every NBA Player

Instantly find and see all the great passes by Ginobili this season, or all the flagrant fouls by Shaq.
Whatever player, whatever move.