Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Guitar 3.0

I don't know much about guitars, although I do play some classical guitar. This new Gibson guitar seems to be a new breed. It's feature list boasts 20 new features which are a bit too technical musically for me to understand.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPad And Real Objects

Here's a neat iPad app that interacts with real objects. In this case the objects are Disney Cars objects with some kind of embedded chips that identify themselves to an iPad. As a child plays with the objects, the iPad detects their movement and appropriately interacts with sounds, scenes, etc. 

This begs the question....what other types of objects could interact with an iPad to produce some kind of valuable experience. Say for example in the health and fitness industry you have different objects such as heart rate monitors and pedometers. What kind of services would be useful if an iPad knew what object you had? If you placed your heart monitor on the iPad, it could display some neat graphs of your heart's activity. Whereas if you placed the pedometer on the iPad, it could display your activity in terms of steps or miles, or even a map of your just completed walking path.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Internet of Things

Some profound thoughts about the future internet of things, a world where trillions of objects are connected to the internet.

This is a world where people make the things you would make if you were left to invent stuff on your own. It is a world where people strap domestic digital cameras to weather balloons in order to photograph space, a world where people attach bubble machines to Arduinos and connect them to the web so that when it sees a keyword on Twitter, it blows bubbles.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Need Lyrics?

How about viewing lyrics in real time as you listen to any song on your mp3 player? That's the promise of an upcoming API from and from

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Turn Anything Into A Biz Card

For now, any t-shirt can be turned into a business card. Just take a photo of your t-shirt and email it to Capturio. Anyone who sees you in the same t-shirt can snap a pic and email again to Capturio, which will then match the pic to your t-shirt and return your contact info to that person. So now it doesn't seem like QR Codes are even necessary.

Another Images And Ads Venture

So people are trying to figure out how to mingle photos and ads and be profitable. Here is yet another such venture. It's the idea about making any photo be itself and an advertisement at the same time. The goal is to give a dual personality to any online image, that of being a plain image and of being an advertisement of some sort.

Best TV Remote Control Ever

Hands down, unequivocally the best remote control for your TV ever made, that is if you have an iPad.

Dream It, Make It

It's now time to get our kids involved in creating 3D objects of all their dreams. Imagine what could become of stories like Harry Potter?

Friday, September 09, 2011


So you are into folding or origami? Check out to learn even more types of folds.

Here is the 112th Super Cool Fold of the Week from Trish at FoldFactory. Watch as she teaches you how to create the fun Assymetrical Gate Fold piece with a perfed postcard. 

Web Surf Via SMS

This has got to be an absolute quintessence of thinking outside the box. These guys have figure out how to surf the web using just SMS and MMS, no data plan required. Although it is slow, any website is viewable and fully functional. Truly amazing stuff.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

MadPad: Everyday Musical Objects

There are sounds all around us. Record them. Snap a picture of them. Then lay them out like a keyboard and start making music. That's the idea behind MadPad.