Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPad And Real Objects

Here's a neat iPad app that interacts with real objects. In this case the objects are Disney Cars objects with some kind of embedded chips that identify themselves to an iPad. As a child plays with the objects, the iPad detects their movement and appropriately interacts with sounds, scenes, etc. 

This begs the question....what other types of objects could interact with an iPad to produce some kind of valuable experience. Say for example in the health and fitness industry you have different objects such as heart rate monitors and pedometers. What kind of services would be useful if an iPad knew what object you had? If you placed your heart monitor on the iPad, it could display some neat graphs of your heart's activity. Whereas if you placed the pedometer on the iPad, it could display your activity in terms of steps or miles, or even a map of your just completed walking path.

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