Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Animation With Sprites

The big news is that now you can do animations without using Flash. So how do you do that. See this cool 5 minute video that explains it all. And start using the tools at

Performance Test Your jQuery

With so much client-side code happening these days, we all should be concerned about keeping our code performing at its optimum. Use this site to test snippets of your code.

As states:
  • - a great way to easily create tests comparing the performance of code snippets across different browsers
  • Makes it simple for anyone to share or modify tests
  • Used by the jQuery project, Yahoo and many other dev. teams

CSS3 Gradient Generator

If you are dumping those nice gradient-filled button images you did in photoshop, and replacing them with CSS3 buttons, here is the online tool that will generate all the CSS3 code you need for your new buttons. If you don't know, loading CSS3 buttons is much faster than loading images like jpegs, gifs, or pngs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trending Tools Of The Trade

FYI, these are the tools I am studying and planning to use as I progress further in my web development career.


Here is an excellent learning site that explains many of these new technologies.
jQuery & Javascript Articles for the Dev Community

And of course, everything is going mobile so here is an excellent site for that.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Dump Cameras, Not SLR Lenses

Who needs a camera these days when all you really need is an SLR lense? What?! Yup, for all you photography enthusiasts, now you can dump your camera and attach your SLR lense to your iPhone. So instead of investing in the latest and greatest SLR camera, just invest in some really nice SLR lenses and get busy with your iPhone.

TechCrunch review

Novel Idea: Collection Madness

Here's a rather novel idea. Take a collection; in this case a collection of fashionable items. Now show it to the crowds and let them "add" the next item. It sounds like a winning incentive to get people to participate. That is the idea behind Stylyt, which I guess is pronounced like "style it".
Business Insider review

Offline GMaps on Android

Motorcycle enthusiast, rejoice! When was the last time you were out and about at some remote location where there was zero cellular reception and couldn't pull up a map on your phone? Now you can carry around a copy of any google map and view it anytime, even without cellular service. I hear they are using vector-based map tiles for smaller files. It also makes me wonder if they are using the new HTML 5 local storage feature.

TechCrunch review

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yet Another Social Media Manager

Use to manage all your business's online social media marketing.
The other services are and