Friday, July 11, 2014

Angular Gesture Support

To add gesture support to your AngularJS app running within a touch-enabled device, use these:

If you only want to replace the ng-click with ng swipe left or right then use

Mobile Website Frameworks

Want to build a mobile website that feels like a native app? Here are some upcoming players that can help.

Up And Coming CSS Frameworks

Some of the latest frameworks I've been investigating:

Sprite Generators

Some developer tools for making sprites:

Breach: A Javascript Browser is a browser written entirely in javascript. It uses NodeJS under the covers.

Retain Position in Infinite Scroll

An infinite scroll kicks in more data as you scroll to the bottom of a page. For example, when viewing some galleries of pictures, new pictures are appended to the bottom of the page whenever you scroll to the bottom, and this process continues every time you get to the bottom of the page. The problem is that when you click on any picture to see its details and then click on the browser's back button, your position within the infinite scroll is lost.

Here is an elegant solution to that.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Generate Test Data

If you are a developer and need to generate some mock data for your app, here are a couple of services that can help

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

CrowdTwist Loyalty Platform

If you are looking to add a customer loyalty/rewards program to your service, could help.


Launch a new program or enhance your existing program with the only technology that aggregates data from your brands mobilesocial & transactional channels



Analyze data from across more than 200 points of brand interaction and leverage those insights to drive all your acquisition & retention efforts

Keen.IO Analytics

Whatever analytics data you are trying to gather and query against, should be able to help.


whatever data you want, from whatever source you need


as much data as you'd like, forever and ever in the cloud


query it, visualize it, share it – transform data into knowledge