Friday, June 30, 2006

Auto Expand Permanent Posts

If u have followed my javascript code for implementing an expand all, contract all feature on your blog then u may want to add this small piece of javascript that will auto-expand a post whenever a visitor clicks the permanent link on one of your posts.
Just add this code somewhere near the bottom of your blog template:

<script type="text/Javascript">
var pageURL = location.href;
if ( (pageURL.indexOf(".html")!=-1) && ( pageURL.indexOf("archive")==-1) ) {

List Of Online Social Networks

Here is a handy wiki list of social networks such as MySpace. Since it is wiki it is constantly being updated.
Wikipedia List of Social Networks

Prevent Social Network Lockin

Do u have an account at some social network and you have taken much time setting up your list of friends, their email address, phones, pictures, etc? For example, you have links and pictures of a bunch of friends at MSN Spaces. Now you would like to port all this data (and time/effort u put in) over to another social network like Friendster. How do u do this? There is a new company that will help u do this. Now u r no longer locked into one social network. If u don't like one, just move to another.
Read TechCrunch review

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Get Your Google Notebook

If you use Firefox, get this extension by Google for a notebook in which you can keep website clips, search results, etc. It puts a small icon on the bottom bar of Firefox that u click to view the notebook. To add content u can select/highlight and right click and choose "Note this..." U can also click on "notebook" links next to google search results.

Google Notebook

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Next Big Brand: You

The world's biggest brand of the future will be "You." Every consumer good is going to be designed, produced, ranked, etc. by anyone interested in helping out and making some $ for their talent, and that includes you. Who benefits? Everyone who participates, even the buyers because the quality of products will improve.

Monday, June 26, 2006

SuperDome Redesigned as SuperDrain

Engineers unveil the latest redesign for the New Orleans SuperDome. In case of another natural disaster, the city would be better served by an underground drainage system.

The Gizmo Show on CBS Radio

San Antonio, Texas, June 21, 2006 - The Gizmo Show, hosted by Richard Rodriguez, Sandy Levy, and Josh Schechter has arrived at KTSA and is
enjoying a warm welcome from the invention and entrepreneur
community. The Gizmo Show is the production of Gizmo Radio LLC.

Richard Rodriguez, a local inventor and entrepreneur who has found
success in the technology industries and an active member of the
inventing community in the state of Texas states, "This program was
designed to provide up to date information on the many aspects of
getting an inventors idea to market. By dispelling some of the myths,
and unveiling some of the pitfalls that inventors run into while
attempting to get their idea to market, we are able to assist so many
people in reaching the American dream."

While information is the root of The Gizmo Show's format;
entertainment is not spared. The show sails through an hour of
programming by inviting callers and guests to share their personal
triumphs and tribulations with the audience. For co-host and
producer, Sandy Levy this is the heart of the program. "Typically,
the most entertaining radio is found in sports, politics and
religion. We have found that the inventing and entrepreneur world is
just as passionate. Inevitably ALL inventors and entrepreneurs share
the same amount of passion about their gadgets and ventures as any
sports fan, political pundit or preacher. It's just good radio."

Presently, the program offers full segments from professionals that
are proficient in legal, accounting, marketing and funding
fields. "The Gizmo Show is clearly an interactive experience which
the inventor-entrepreneur can call in and immediately find direction
for their business needs," states local entrepreneur and businessman
Josh Schechter.

Join the fun on Sunday nights, starting July 2, 2006 from 7-8pm (CST) live on CBS station KTSA 550 AM and internet streamed at URL

For further information about The Gizmo Show contact Ms. Sandy Levy
or visit online for archived shows at URL

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Capture Slingbox Video

If u recently bought a Slingbox, u may want to take a look at this $30 app that will record directly from your Slingbox and save as Windows Media Videos.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Most Hip Browser: Flock

Flock is a Firebox-based browser that makes it extremely easy to share photos, update blogs, etc. Just drag-n-drop and it takes care of all the uploading details, writes html automatically, etc.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Free Slideshow Tool & Hosting provides a free tool call the PJ180 that makes it really easy to create slideshows with music, transitions, text overlays, etc. U can also host with them for free.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Can u hear this ringtone?

Kids can hear it, but teachers cannot. I can only hear it in my right ear. How about u?
The Mosquito Ringtone

Free Virtual GPS

FREE software download turns any WiFi enabled laptop into a 'GPS.' What r the benefits? Well all your searches can be customized to your location atuomatically b/c it knows your exact location at all times. Say u r lost at some city and don't even know where u r at. It will map your location. Now search for a chinese restaurant. It maps all nearby chinese restaurants with full directions to get there.. Even if u don't have WiFi, u can specify your address and u get all the benefits as well.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cutting Edge Maps

If u r wondering about the latest map mashups and upcoming concepts read Wired's review of the Where 2.0 Conference.
Wired's review
For example, in the future u will point your camera phone at real world places/objects and on the screen u will have links overlayed on top of the image that provide info such as user comments, restaurant menus, historical data, etc. In other words, your GPS-enabled phone knows where u r at every moment. Now point your phone at some building like u r going to take its picture. On the screen u see the building and will also be seeing links overlayed on top for additional info.

Show The World Your Purchases

I think this is a significant concept that is bound for greatness. Eventually every online store will offer its clients the ability to show the world what they've purchased. This would be a hit at online stores that allow you to customize your product; upon purchasing you could show the world your unique product(s). The first generic service that can plug into any online shopping cart and provide this kind of functionality will make millions. I am already preparing my own website that can take advantage of such a service. I just hope it will be available before I make my online store live.
MyCollectibles Concept

Monday, June 12, 2006

Portable Video 4 the Masses

It's coming. Take your video/tv files w/u anywhere for less than $100. Just right 4 me b/c I don't have time to watch my DVR recorded tv shows while sitting at home. I need to watch them on the run.
MediaREADY Glider

Another Vending Machine (by Sony)

Sony is getting into the vending bandwagon, too.
Sony Vending Machine

Other vending-type bizs we've seen recently:
AutoCart Supercenter

How to save $$ on phones

My Current Situation (annually):
  • Cingular Service for 2 cell phones $1000
  • Time Warner Digital home phone $400
  • Total $1400
My Future Situation (annually):
My Future Situation after 1st year (annually):
  • Pocket Service for 2 cell phones $800
  • Home Phone Service $0
  • Total $800
Total Savings beyond 1st year $600 annually!

CNET's Learning Campus

Free, useful how-to videos for taking photos, videos, etc.

Multiple Search Engines

Get a combined search result from several different search engines like Yahoo and Google.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

ColdFusion Content Management

If u r running ColdFusion and want a Content Management solution then check this out: