Monday, June 26, 2006

The Gizmo Show on CBS Radio

San Antonio, Texas, June 21, 2006 - The Gizmo Show, hosted by Richard Rodriguez, Sandy Levy, and Josh Schechter has arrived at KTSA and is
enjoying a warm welcome from the invention and entrepreneur
community. The Gizmo Show is the production of Gizmo Radio LLC.

Richard Rodriguez, a local inventor and entrepreneur who has found
success in the technology industries and an active member of the
inventing community in the state of Texas states, "This program was
designed to provide up to date information on the many aspects of
getting an inventors idea to market. By dispelling some of the myths,
and unveiling some of the pitfalls that inventors run into while
attempting to get their idea to market, we are able to assist so many
people in reaching the American dream."

While information is the root of The Gizmo Show's format;
entertainment is not spared. The show sails through an hour of
programming by inviting callers and guests to share their personal
triumphs and tribulations with the audience. For co-host and
producer, Sandy Levy this is the heart of the program. "Typically,
the most entertaining radio is found in sports, politics and
religion. We have found that the inventing and entrepreneur world is
just as passionate. Inevitably ALL inventors and entrepreneurs share
the same amount of passion about their gadgets and ventures as any
sports fan, political pundit or preacher. It's just good radio."

Presently, the program offers full segments from professionals that
are proficient in legal, accounting, marketing and funding
fields. "The Gizmo Show is clearly an interactive experience which
the inventor-entrepreneur can call in and immediately find direction
for their business needs," states local entrepreneur and businessman
Josh Schechter.

Join the fun on Sunday nights, starting July 2, 2006 from 7-8pm (CST) live on CBS station KTSA 550 AM and internet streamed at URL

For further information about The Gizmo Show contact Ms. Sandy Levy
or visit online for archived shows at URL

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