Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Show The World Your Purchases

I think this is a significant concept that is bound for greatness. Eventually every online store will offer its clients the ability to show the world what they've purchased. This would be a hit at online stores that allow you to customize your product; upon purchasing you could show the world your unique product(s). The first generic service that can plug into any online shopping cart and provide this kind of functionality will make millions. I am already preparing my own website that can take advantage of such a service. I just hope it will be available before I make my online store live.
MyCollectibles Concept

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Anonymous said...

Just want to point out that "show the world" means that your visitors follow a link that contains a historical list of all your purchases along with pictures. This list lasts indefinitely and keeps growing with every purchase. Every shopper will then have a unique collection of items can he can resell, etc.