Thursday, June 15, 2006

Free Virtual GPS

FREE software download turns any WiFi enabled laptop into a 'GPS.' What r the benefits? Well all your searches can be customized to your location atuomatically b/c it knows your exact location at all times. Say u r lost at some city and don't even know where u r at. It will map your location. Now search for a chinese restaurant. It maps all nearby chinese restaurants with full directions to get there.. Even if u don't have WiFi, u can specify your address and u get all the benefits as well.

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Anonymous said...

Taxicab drivers have a GPS device in their cabs that relates the cab's location back to a computer dispatcher. This device and its service costs lots of money. Now there's the possibility of replacing this device with a WiFi enable d laptop that uses Loki to relate the same info back to a computer dispatcher. If so, u just eliminated the monthly service costs for the GPS.