Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Cyclops Cap

This is an interesting concept, but it looks too bulky. And if I want to change caps, I have to buy a different one.

My praps for caps is much simpler and does not have these problems. Plus it's only $1 for two praps. The Cyclops Cap is going for $85.

CAPTCHAs Are Broken

An ingenious artificial intelligence algorithm can solve most captchas.

A fledgling startup called Vicarious claims to have developed a piece of artificial intelligence software that can crack up to 90 percent of CAPTCHAs – including reCAPTCHA – offered by Google, Yahoo and PayPal, among others.

Smartphone Arduino Shield

From TC:

Your smartphone is packed with tons of sensors — many of them the same types of sensors that you might want to strap on to an Arduino by way of a shield. It's got Bluetooth. It's got WiFi. It's got gyroscopes, and accelerometers, and a touchscreen that can emulate all sorts of keypads and display types. Why not let your smartphone share those capabilities with your Arduino, effectively allowing it to provide the prototyping functionality of dozens of different shields? That's the idea behind 1sheeld.

Very cool for prototyping future hardware projects.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

CardFlight: App Dev Payments

CardFlight provides an SDK for app developers to incorporate payments into their apps.

From TC review

While other companies like Square and PayPal have provided businesses with the ability to collect payments with mobile credit card readers, businesses are reliant on the provider's apps to process those payments. CardFlight provides its clients with card readers, and also gives them an SDK to build payment processing into their own branded apps.
CardFlight has SDKs available for both iOS and Android platforms, and connects with 23 different payment processors. The company's gateway also allows clients to connect apps with their own internal CRM, inventory management, fulfillment, and reporting and analytics tools.