Friday, August 25, 2006

Open Up Your Website to Any Programmer

This new tool automatically creates a Web API for your website which can be accessed by any programmer. For example, u have an online catalog of all your products. This tool can make your catalog available to any affiliate so they can show your catalog on their website without a consumer ever knowing the original source of the products. Of course, the affiliates r still selling your products, so u still get credit.

On the flipside, if u r a programmer, u can now make a web api for any website. For example, u found this really neat site that has ongoing updates of the latest events in your area and u want to show this same info on your site. The tool will generate an RSS feed, etc of that other website so u can use on yours.

Dapper: The Data Mapper

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Fidel Guajardo said...

Here is another site which basically does the same thing. is an open service platform, this means that you can build your own services (called robots) and run them from, all for free. These robots accesses web sites and allows you to use data, functionality and even the user interface of other web sites in a whole new way. No longer are you limited by what public APIs or RSS feeds that are available, instead you can build your own in minutes. You can then use those services from within your own mashups, code, Yahoo! Pipes, Google Gadgets etc