Thursday, August 17, 2006

Window Shopping On Your Desktop

I know I just posted something about but I thought I should give this story a different perspective.

Imagine yourself window shopping at the mall. You are interested in shoes so you window shop all the shoe places. Some shoes catch your attention so you go into the store to look at the shoes a little bit closer. On another occassion you are interested in getting a new cellphone. You window shop again in much the same way.

Now instead of going to the mall, you want to do the same window shopping all from the convenience of your desktop. That's what is going to be all about (not just yet). Just pick an item type, say handbags, then pick from a handful of matching online stores, say JCPenney, Old Navy, etc. Now just sit back or keep working and watch a small window on your desktop automatically present a slideshow of possible items you might like.

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