Monday, August 21, 2006

Spam Phone Calls Coming

We've all heard of spam email. Now get ready for spam phone calls. This new service allows u to record a message and send it to any number of phone numbers. Can't u already think how a spammer could use this? Here is the service's self description:

Pheeder is the new way to talk on your cellphone: you use it to communicate with groups of people simultaneously, with a single phone call. Just call Pheeder, leave a message, hang up, and seconds later all of your friends receive the message at the very same instant on their phones. Then, if they want, they can reply to your message, or forward your message on to their friends.

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Brett said...

Hey Fidel -- Thanks for taking the time to check out and write about Pheeder... Just wanted to assuage your concerns here. The potentially spam-ready feature you're talking about is just a temporary demo feature and it limits the amount of numbers you can call. Someone would have to work very, very hard to make a spam tool out of it. And, believe me, we'd catch them before they made much headway anyway.

The Pheeder service itself is based on a subscription model. That is to say, you only receive my Pheed if you voluntarily subscribe to it. So no spam there.

Hopefully, you can give it another look and try it out -- it's really a lot of fun!