Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Smart Coupons for Smart Phones?

The mobile coupon idea is floating around and there is no one dominate player. The basic idea is to use your cellphone as a mobile coupon repository. When you want to redeem a coupon, you show or swipe your phone at the retailer's checkout. It has so much potential but the user experience is not friendly yet. Two big problems are: not enough specific coupons and too many off-target coupons sitting in your phone's inbox.

I imagine there are much bigger players wanting to join in but are waiting to see what the little players come up with. The bigger players are happy watching the little guys try to explore this new landscape, and they will join in when the right approach is evident. The risk to the big players is that one of this smaller players may discover the best approach and may experience an explosive, viral growth, at which point it may be too late for a bigger player to gain market share.

Read NYT's article: Cents-Off Coupons and Other Special Deals, via Your Cellphone

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