Monday, December 01, 2008

Interactive Video Objects

What are interactive video objects? Adobe is experimenting with turning any objects inside a video into interactive objects you can manipulate. So for example, if a video contains a group of friends you can separately fast forward or backwards that one person without changing the others. The way Adobe is achieving this is very clever. You'll have to see this demo video to get a better grasp of this.

This is radically crazy! Can you think of what people might do with this? I think it may turn out to be like a Photoshop for videos. With Photoshop you can take parts from different photos and blend them into a new photo which never was real. Now people will blend parts from different videos to create a new video which never happened! You will be able to create hilarious America's Funniest Videos or frame your worst enemy and show the video evidence to the police. I think Adobe is creating a monster.

Adobe's Interactive Video Object Manipulation

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