Friday, July 11, 2008

Watch Global Twitters

At you can watch near real-time twits (or tweets) as they happen. It's like watching TV but only of all the global twitters talking. It is amazing to ponder that this is happening live, perhaps with a few minutes of delay. What else could be possible to monitor in near real time across the world that is useful for individuals?

What about all this data that TwitterVision is showing? Is it possible to build some historical trends about its content? For example, where are the most tweets coming from? What are the top 10 things people are doing in the morning, at noon, and at night? What two countries mutually follow each others' twits the most (does this mean these two countries are the friendliest to each other)?
Is it also possible (perhaps using Microsoft Labs Translations) to translate all the twits into the viewing user's preferred language?

It is very interesting that today there are people all around the world talking about the iPhone. For example, I just learned the iPhone has sold-out in Seattle city-wide. People all over are mentioning the long lines. Just from this, you can tell the world needs more iPhones and you can tell people hate long lines. What other needs do people have that are obvious in these conversations?

TwitterVision is almost like being God and watching all these conversations. Of course, it would be overwhelming for any individual to monitor all of them as they happen. Perhaps one could apply various filters to refine the types of conversations one is interested in. The hard-core monitoring and trend analysis would need to be done by super-computers.

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