Monday, April 14, 2008

Obopay: Transfer $ w/ Cellphone

Forget banks and all the hassles of setting up external transfer accounts to and from other banks. Needless to say, any of your friends may have reservations about giving you their account numbers. But which of your friends would ever hesitate to give you their cellphone number? I doubt this would be of concern.

Well now, that is all you need. Transfer money from your cellphone to their cellphone. It works by registering your account information at Anytime you send or receive money, the system will know your account info based on your cellphone. Your friends do not need to register their account info, unless they want to. Instead, they can go to and request the system to transfer the money you paid them to their bank account info.

Check out the demo at

Here is a nice video about what this service is all about.

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