Thursday, April 24, 2008

Get Your Own LiveMesh

Microsoft is giving you 5GB of storage that you can share across all of your devices (desktop, laptop, cellphone, XBox, etc) and even among your friends. Here is one of description of one of Microsoft's examples for using LiveMesh

Microsoft rolled a quick clip illustrating Mesh power: A mother uses a smart phone to capture footage of her son jumping into a pool. As the video is saved to the mobile device's memory, it's transferred to a digital photo frame. Meanwhile, it's also synching with the father's iTunes account, allowing him to watch the nearly live footage whilst waiting in an airport. It's then sent to a Zune, a car dashboard, another smart phone and back to an Xbox 360 console that two other boys are playing poolside.

--Taken from the article "Microsoft Seeks Mesh Sizzle"

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