Monday, March 03, 2008

AtlasPost: Map of Blogs

I have this blog on and every now and then I will click on the Next Blog button to see someone's interesting blog. It is always a random blog I see whenever I click the Next Blog button. It make me wonder what other blogs are out there. I am especially curious about what other blogs are written by people near my location.

Enter These people have the right idea about how to connect people with blogs and photo albums. Now I can actually see what other bloggers live near me and get an idea about what they are blogging about. In the future I imagine their maps will have "layers" by which I can easily filter down into bloggers with similar interests as me. There could be layers for gender, interests, last blog update, etc. So I could search for all males who have posted something within the last month about skateboarding and who live near me.

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