Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Snif Tags

Put a SNIF (Social Networking In Fur) tag on your dog and take it for a walk. When your dog comes in contact with other dogs also with snif tags, the magic begins. The tags exchange information about the dogs and their owners. When you get home go to the company's website and see what this info is. So now you can use your dog to hook you up with somebody.

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Fidel Guajardo said...

I read about you on MIT Technology Review and am quite impressed with your Snif tag technology. As I reviewed your services I kept wondering why you don't have this kind of device for humans.

It would be really neat to be able to exchange some personal info with people which I might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet. Normally if I were stuck in line somewhere or riding an elevator, that would be the last time I would ever have a chance of meeting those people around me. But if our "tags" made a connection we could become more familiar with one another.

Say for example, I am into jogging, or exercising in general. My "tag" would have this kind of information if I were to wear it everyday. I then "bump" into someone with similar interests and our tags would instantly make a connection. At the website I would see a small photo of the people I ran into that day and find the girl who also likes jogging.

Think about all the different kinds of info these tags could share. Imagine if it knew how many times I go to the stadium for a basketball game. If it knew my health vitals. If it used GPS to track my most frequented parks.

....Wait a second, this already sounds like big brother is watching me. Well maybe some things would not be a good idea to share. Nonetheless, it would be neat to somewhat "know" a person without ever really talking.

I would still be willing to try one out.