Thursday, October 30, 2008

RailsPlayground: Excellent Support

I just need to mention this because these people are far and above any other hosting service I have ever had.

Over the course of the last ten or so years I have done business with different hosting companies for my personal shared hosting needs. Up to now I have not experienced any other service as good or better than the service I have received from Their technical support to me has been quick and very helpful.

However, I think their level of support has gone beyond what I expected. Whenever I have needed to install any type of component or application on my hosting, they have generously done it for me for free, plus they have done it very speedily. Of course, with any installation there are unforeseen issues that arise after testing the new installation. Incredibly, they turn around and fix the issues until the installation is done right and again all for free. I have even offered to pay them for their time and effort and they say no thank you.

In a world where people are losing their jobs and tightly holding on to what they have, I asked myself, "are these people for real". Thank you RailsPlayground. I am extremely satisfied with your service. I wish you great success. The least I can do for you is brag about your excellent customer service. Visit them at

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