Friday, December 07, 2007

Eric Meyer's Resources

CSS guru Eric Meyer shares his favorite websites of CSS knowledge in an interview. Here is an excerpt from that interview:
One of the best CSS resources I know is the css-discuss wiki, located at It's the distillation of more than five years of wisdom and experience from the css-discuss mailing list. There are pages covering the pros and cons of various CSS techniques, basic information on obscure parts of CSS, tons of links to other resources, and more. It's literally my first stop when I need to look up something about CSS.

Some other worthy stops are, the various materials at the House of Style , and Russ Weakley's compact tutorials. For decoding convoluted selectors, I recommend the SelectORacle. And of course there's the all-seeing eye of Google.

Let's not forget another great resource: Eric Meyer's own blog,


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